They are both efficient and can give you a quieter flush after every use. TOTO People-Centered Design Smart Fact: The Drake II Two-Piece Toilet features our Tornado Flush Technology, which siphons water with two powerful nozzles, harnessing the power of water and gravity to maximize cleaning and use water more efficiently. However, they don’t feature a toilet seat, which means that you will have to buy one separately. PROFLO® 1/4 in. Also, the Ultramax II one-piece toilet has 5 colors to offer, while Drake II … The Toto Drake II is available in several color options. Only 2 people used it regularly. Additionally, they are simple to install, clean, and offer great comfort to all kinds of people. The drake 2 is nothing but an update version।. The Drake toilet is not water-efficient as it uses 1.6 GPF. Save my n PROFLO® 3/8 Comp x 7/8 in. Some of the colors include colonial white, cotton white, and Sedona beige. This is also called the E Max flushing system which is … EXPLORE Commercial. I realize that every brand of toilet (excepting Toto?) The only difference is the cyclone flushing system fitted on the Drake II model. However, the Ultramax II toilet is slightly costly than the Drake II toilet. It can flush any waste put into the bowl and prevent clogging. Frequently Asked Questions: Is Toto better than Kohler? Toilets. On the other hand, the Drake II two-piece toilet uses 1.28 GPF. Having a durable toilet with efficient flushing technology means saving money. The Toto Drake II shares a lot of similarities with the lower-priced Kohler Cimarron. Kohler VS Toto; Toto Drake II VS Ultramax II; Toto Drake II VS Drake; Toto G400 VS G500; Kohler Highline VS Cimarron; Kohler VS American Standard; Kohler Veil VS Toto Neorest; 1.28 VS 1.6 GPF; American Standard Champion 4 VS Cadet 3; American Standard Champion 4 VS Champion 4 Max; American Standard Titan VS Champion 4 Dual Flush VS Single Flush Toilet [Which one is Better for... Best Low Flow Toilets Reviews 2020[ 10 Water-Saving Toilet], Toto Drake Review 2020 [Elongated & Round Toilet], Toto Aquia Review 2020 [Dual Flush Elongated two Piece Toilet], Kohler Veil Intelligent Toilet Review 2020, American Standard VS Toto Toilets [Feature Comparison 2020], American Standard Champion 4 VS Cadet 3 Toilet, American Standard Champion 4 VS Champion 4 Max Toilet, Elongated VS Round Toilets [Bowl Comparison, Pros, Cons], Comfort Height Toilet VS Standard Height (Comparisons, Pros, Cons), American Standard Titan VS Champion 4 Toilets, 1.28 VS 1.6 GPF Toilets Features Comparison 2020, Kohler VS American Standard Toilet 2020 [Features Comparison], Toto Drake II VS Ultramax II Toilet Comparison 2020, Toto Neorest Review 2020 [NX1, 550H & 700H Toilet review], Kohler Highline VS Cimarron Toilet Comparison 2020. Who wants an ugly toilet? x 2-1/4 in. The water enters the bowl through angled nozzles to increase the efficiency even more. The benefit you get out of the Tornado flushing system is the open rim bowl. If you don’t know which toilet to select between the Toto Drake VS Toto Drake II toilets, then you’re in the right place. Most people want a chair height toilet that they can sit on or stand up with much ease. Apply Filters Reset filters . I guess you could say that Toto Drake II is the improved/deluxe version of the Toto Drake. The Toto Drake II is more expensive than other standard two-piece toilets in the market. The major difference between the Toto Drake and the Drake II is in their water consumption. Even though both toilets feature efficient flushing systems, the flushing systems differ. This is the improved version of the earlier Toto Drake toilet. These toilets feature different flushing systems, types of bowls, and water usage rates. Thanks to the chrome trip lever being located on the right-hand side and the universal height. On the other hand, Toto Ultramax II includes a soft closing seat, which is very quiet when opening and closing. Toto Drake vs Toto Drake II. Another noticeable difference between these two toilet models is the water usage rate. Please Contact Your TOTO Sales Representative for IoT Pricing. So, whether you’ve elderly or disabled people in your home, all of them will have an easy time using the toilet. Like other Toto models, the Drake II toilet uses Toto’s G-Max flushing system, which gives an added boost to the efficiency of the 1.6-gallon flush. So you can get it to match the color scheme of your bathroom decor and fixtures. For the Drake II toilet model, it boasts of the double cyclone flushing action that uses less water to clear waste. Available colors include Cotton, Sedona Beige, Colonial White, Bone, and Ebony. Name * Email * Website. Price. Toto Drake vs Drake II: Which one should buy?