The song was released on October 23, 2018 and is the seventh and last track featured on the mixtape Mono. implying “I’m hoping rain would cry in my stead”. One minute, RM is clapping back at haters in tracks like "Joke" and "Monster," and the next, he's comforting fans in sweet-sounding songs like "Moonchild" and "Forever Rain." Forever Rain is a contemporary Indie Rap song by RM describing his struggle with depression and the constant fear of change. Looking Back: The Top Three K-Pop Songs of February 2010, 2020 SBS Gayo Daejun: Recap & Best Performances, Follow The Bias List // K-Pop Reviews & Discussion on The overall art style creates texture and visual interest in what could easily become a boring video. “The forever rain mv got me in the feels I can’t,” said a third fan. forever rain begins with a light pattering of rain and fades into the gentle keys of a piano. However, the exceptions would be “badbye” and “everythingoes”. The other people surrounding him float while covering their faces, possibly to emphasize the disconnect RM feels from the world. Year: 2018. NEW ALBUM: XXXTENTACION - 'Bad Vibes Forever' - Track-List! However, the exceptions would be “badbye” and “everythingoes”. Kim Nam-joon (김남준), better known by his stage name RM (short for Real Me) (formerly known as Rap Monster (랩몬스터) and Runch Randa), is a South Korean rapper-songwriter, composer and producer. Watch official video, print or download text … The imagery and execution of “forever rain” is the perfect description of Mono: a minimalistic vibe, a contrast between simplistic beats and complex words, and slow tempos. BTS 2019 Summer Package in Korea. “The lyrics to forever rain hit me so hard what the fukc,” another wrote. It’s a song for a specific mood, which limits how high a rating I can justify giving it. RM– forever rain (English Translation) Lyrics. Where to Buy K-Pop Albums Online: The Best Stores Reviewed! Though simple, the lyrics are layered: RM expresses his exhaustion with being sad and so public, and wishes that for once he can rest and find some sort of peace. It’s monochromatic, with only black and white animation. The meaning itself is fairly straight forwards and I think most lyric videos are fine. Through his music, RM makes an earnest, continued effort to make sense of his place in the world. If someone put, voice over the melody, “Forever Rain” could easily transform into one of, RM excels in writing introspective lyrics and “Forever Rain” just furthers that. The final track off of “mono.” is “forever rain,” which also has a music video to go along with. I love the electric guitar that underlines the chorus. He craves the simple anonymity that comes with being able to hide in a crowd. “Forever rain” talks about the feeling of wanting to be indulged in sadness and loneliness, which is what RM feels. [Verse 1] I wish it rains all day. BTS leader RM loves “Forever Rain” so much that he wants it to be played at his funeral, the star said on V Live on Thursday. However, despite my initial hesitance, the song nails its intended focus. This is all to say, I enjoyed Forever Rain much more than I thought I would. At times, the audience gets a close up of the different faces walking by RM. “Forever rain” talks about the feeling of wanting to be indulged in sadness and loneliness, which is what RM feels. Because of this, it’s hard to accurately review a song like Forever Rain. While 'Umbrella' is about missing a person with whom you have memories in rain, 'Forever Rain' speaks about being alone in general with sone lines that seems autobiographical. He’s also known for being honest about struggling with depression and feelings of inadequacy. BTS’ Grammy Nomination: How Important is it? The K-pop industry has always had a tricky relationship with mental health. It’s been a busy year for BTS. NEW ALBUM: Lil Wayne Drops New Album 'Funeral' ft. Adam Levine , Watch Will Smith perform to iconic song 'Prince Ali' from Aladdi ( Log Out /  (YouTube; Images via Big Hit Entertainment, Twitter), Other than the heavy drum beat, the song does not contain a hint of the usual hip hop that one might expect of BTS’ leader and main rapper. He is the leader and a rapper of BTS, also he is notable for his large input in songwriting and production in the discography in the group. Year: 2018. The final track off of “mono.” is “forever rain,” which also has a music video to go along with. Other than the obvious motifs (umbrellas, falling raindrops, the shadow that is perpetual on RM’s face), a bird appears a few times to fly then disintegrate as RM raps, “Slow jam, slow rap, everything slow.” Birds typically symbolize freedom and, to a lesser extent, escape. was announced back in august. The animation style used reflects the lyrics but also allows the song to be the real star. On Monday, fans were gifted with RM’s seven-track Mono mixtape (stylized mono.) ♡ 「 i just received. What I can say is that I’m generally not a fan of mixtapes. Key and BPM for forever rain by RM. Cuz then people wouldn’t stare at me, yeah. One minute, RM is clapping back at haters in tracks like "Joke" and "Monster," and the next, he's comforting fans in sweet-sounding songs like "Moonchild" and "Forever Rain." They wrapped up the first leg of their Love Yourself tour that included their first stops in Europe, and were the first K-pop group to perform at the Citi Field Stadium. The tone of the verse is difficult for me to translate… as I’m not very familiar with this type of writing in English, so I’ll have to read some English writings in this style, to see if I can get a feel of it. The monochromatic and simple visuals support the insightful lyrics. Music Video. Fans literally can’t stop crying after hearing his new song, ‘Forever Rain.’ RM, one member of the K-Pop all star group BTS, is using his solo music to get real. Although “forever rain” and all the other songs on “mono.” are very different from RM’s first solo mixtape, they relate to “4 o’clock” and “always” thematically and stylistically. Produced by Sam Klempner Written by Sam Klempner, RM. Check back frequently for new reviews and commentary on everything kpop! In the very first verse of “Forever Rain,” RM raps: I wish it would rain all day long Because I wish someone else would cry in my stead I wish it would rain all day long Because then people don’t stare at me. jigeum modeunge … The Bias List // K-Pop Reviews & Discussion, Looking Back: The Top Three K-Pop Songs of February 2010. Oh, same. Artist: RM Song: forever rain Album: mono. Amidst this, RM dropped his second mixtape, Mono, with an accompanying MV for the final track on the mixtape, “Forever Rain.”. and the “Forever Rain” animated music video. It seems as if RM is never really able to express his true emotions, which is … Meanwhile, RM also released a music video for the song "Forever Rain." Cuz I’d like someone to cry for me, yeah. Note: Original lyrics are transcribed. He posted his work to an online poetry website for roughly one year, where he received moderate attention. Anyways, I like the moody textures but it’s not much of a song. But as a public figure, his face is recognizable, whether he desires it or not. Since he wishes it would rain all day, kind of implies he wants to cry all day. They remind me of each other due to the same setting but are yet completely distinct.