share. Enjoy! On the PTS they seemed to be regular drops with a good drop rate. Achievement note: Alliance leaders can be found at the last point you saw them during your area quest. ESO New Life Festival Details. New Life Festival (New Year) - Running Sometime Winter. New Life Festival held in winter Below you will find the location of the vendor, a list of what furnishings they sell and what is needed to unlock them for purchase. To successfully obtain Crystalfrost Skin, you must complete the Newly Charitable Achievement during the New Life Festival. Updated 01/03/2019 04:23 PM. The achievements of the Elder Scrolls Online character Bretonista in the ESO-Database. If you use this scroll, you will find the New Life Herald Breda in a tent at Windhelm in Eastmarch. ESO New Life Festival Guide will cover all the quest and show you how to complete them and get the optional parts done for the achievements. Note: You can find Heralda in Grahtwood, Stormhaven, and Deshaan. the elder scroll online players are exciting to celebrate the new life festival of eso now! Finishing the introductory quest gives Breda's Magnificent Mead Mug, which increases XP earned by 100% for 2 hours, and can be renewed indefinitely while the festival is active. Talk to Breda To receive the quest, one must open the Crown Store tab, and buy a New Life Festival Scroll, then use it to read its contents, which are: "
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