We also provide more translator online here. abtik b bata batan-on bilat bisaya biya body parts buang buhat c cebuano d dawat dugang e food g gamay greetings guba hubag hugaw hukom I jokes kalagot kinaiya kuha malipayon music n noun numbers o paagi pangita people sobra talagsaon ubos verb w walay pulos y. Ultimately, sands in bisaya is either "bas" or "balas", while big is "daku", small is "diot". Since then my parents started speaking to me in english more and didn't really enforce the language. Cusstionary.com - The Internet’s cussing dictionary Tags. It doesn't help that my dad is bisaya cause i've picked up some of the things he says growing up. n. 1. a strange and surprising thing or event: kababalaghan, himala ; 2. the feeling caused by what is strange and surprising: taka, pagtataka, paghanga inquisitive: adj. Unfortunately because of it I was enrolled in ESOL even though I spoke english proficiently. Bisaya Swear Words - Learn how to curse in Bisaya. the pronunciation of the Shape and Color words in Bisaya the English translation of the Bisaya words With this Digital Shapes and Colors in Bisaya Flash Cards set, you can print your own copies or you can view the cards on a tablet and use it as digital flashcards. I speak a broken mix of tagalog and bisaya--I can't tell the difference. It just feels so.. stiff. The Bisaya article like the English, does not distinguish the gender, but there are two ways of distinguishing the masculine and feminine in this dialect: 1. n. 1. mouth; 2. any mouth-like opening. Hi, :D ano, hindi, sige, puta, dati------Tagalogs. Categories. That why if you learn this language you will be amaze easy and amazing. your own Pins on Pinterest I am willing to help you learn to speak tagalog and bisaya from basic to a more complex. Like someone is reading out a textbook to me. » synonyms and related words: wonder. BAKUNAWA and the SEVEN MOONS: The Original Bisaya Story (with translation and annotations) Most of the recent literary interpretations of Bakunawa can be sourced to renowned folklorist Damiana Eugenio’s re-telling of the myth in her collected compilation “Philippine … Curious. Bisaya dialect is so mesmerizing if you tend to hear someone speking Bisaya you will be curious what kind of words and pronunciation is this, its more like humming sound. We provide Filipino to English Translation. What makes Bisaya fairly simple is that the way that the word is spelled is the way that the word is pronounced. Siketro para bibo – image source: pixabay.com “Sikreto para bibo” “I’ll keep it secret to make it more fun.” Did you know that almost 60% of the population of the Philippines are speaking Bisaya. Words in the Bisaya language are pronounced by sounding out each syllable of the word. curious . Anyway, I've tried watching Learning Tagalog videos on Youtube. 1.inquisitive, questioning, speculative, wondering: showing curiosity. In Bisaya, Basdiot pertains to "Bas Gamay" or there is not much sands in their beaches, whereas the latter name "Basdaku" offers more sand in their beaches or "Bas Daghan". Bisaya … A majority of vowel sounds in the Bisaya language are what … If you're really curious, ... Cebuano/Bisaya was the first language I learned growing up. ; "if someone saw a man climbing a light post they might get inquisitive"; "raised a speculative eyebrow"~ curious eager to investigate and learn or learn more (sometimes about others' concerns). This phrase is normally used when you are talking to someone who is very curious about what you know, but you want to keep the secret just to get his or her goat.