dst = cv.addWeighted(src1, alpha, src2, beta, gamma[, dst[, dtype]]) where src1 and src2 are input image arrays and alpha, beta are … Python Programming Code to Add Digits of Number Go to the editor. How do you create a set in Python? If no parameters are passed, it returns an empty frozenset. Note: cmp() build to function for python version 2, In python version 3 it is not available. Python also provides a lot of built-in methods to manipulate sets, we will learn these methods later. Below is an example of two lists being compared using the cmp() function. Now if you want to add more values to the set you can do that by calling add( ) method. there is sum() function as a built in for addition. Sets In Python Sets In Python – How To Manipulate Sets In Python. #!/usr/bin/env python x = set(["Postcard", "Radio", "Telegram"]) print(x) If we add … A Computer Science portal for geeks. A set in Python is a collection of unique values. By … If a>b, then value 1 is returned If a