I did notice something yesterday that has now stabilized the situation (for now). I would lower your offset a little bit ( maybe at -0.0725 V) because in my opinion you are slightly reducing performance with -0.1 V, but don’t worry about voltage. Description of Original Problem: CPU idle voltage draw between 1.38v to 1.4v. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. What ever it is. Boot to windows and I now idle at 75c. I don't buy it. For Idle, see #1. Or you can say AMD has a different definition of IDLE than Intel. max temp recorded is 78.8c and I have done nothing but write this post. Thanks a lot, I was just wondering because all the reviewers praised it for its low power consumption. In R20 it will climb to around 71C with my AIO and all cooling fans at 100% RPM at that temp. I just want stability and I hope this will get it. In a screenshot shared on Reddit, Hallock showed that when twiddling its thumbs, a Ryzen 9 3900X can drop its voltages well below 0.4 V. Bios needed a battery pull to clear microcode. Anyway, I installed those as well just to see if it made a difference and after, I wasn't using the PC for a bit and it went into sleep mode (windows balanced energy thing). In Dragon Center (there's a section for drivers) and it was showing the AMD chipset drivers.. So 40W with a Noctua that results in 45°C is just the normal behaviour? CPUz told me my voltage was stuck at 1.25 volts... there was no powering down happening when the system was idle. Most current benchmark/monitoring apps actually put enough load on the CPU to raise the cores from sleep / idle. I'm running all my fans on 60% (140mm 1000rpm) until 60°C after that it goes up to 100% at 80°C. Okay good to know! idle. I have c-state enabled. This is with my ac running and it's 68 degrees outside. reinstall it all and test please. with AC on at 68 degrees outside with windows open with good air flow. There is currently no cooler, not even ideal watercooling, on the market that would be able to deal with >200W 3900x unless you go exotic (chiller/LN2). When I got the replacements I did the default install and booted to bios set to auto and XMP to 3200 and set timing and voltages. https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/cbls9g/the_final_word_on_idle_voltages_for_3rd_gen_ryzen/ and, https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/cbbfce/3900x_being_overvolted_on_amd_ryzen_power_plans/etefuer/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app. Hi,  Good tip on cfosspeed. If current draw (and by logical extension, power draw) are low during these voltage/temperature spikes during low periods of activity (idle, or close to it), then the spikes are largely irrelevant. The Temps with my Noctua: At Idle (with the 40W) my temps never go below 45°C (Room Temp 21°C), is that okay? I believe the cmos reset button process is broken. I have just bought the Kraken X72 https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07B9HP5H6/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 as it was on offer and I've had my eyes on it for a while now. This plan causes the CPU to downclock to 2.2 GHz and 0.95V or even lower (on my system it can sometimes hit a low of 0.2V). Edit: I know everything is fine if I leave the idle voltage at 1.4-1.5V. idle 39c max for 3 hours boot to windows and idle at 42 to 45 c @ 1-3 % cpu usage. Keep in mind that AVX is the worst case possible for any CPU. This results in high idle voltages, increased power draw, and increased heat output. Image 5 of 10. Or you can say AMD has a different definition of IDLE than Intel. CPU idle usage is between 1-3 % max. boot to windows and idle at 42 to 45 c @ 1-3 % cpu usage. Then the idle temp is all right. your idle temps are actually in line whith what your gonna get when using the stock prism cooler that came with the 3900x, also the clock speeds jumping up and down like that every second in cpuz is normal and if you look at RyzenMaster (which show you the avg clocks) it never really stays at a sustained 4ghz+ clocks for very long. Idle 39c max temps in cinebench r20 85c. The RGB options you chose usually are kept even after uninstalling it, atleast thats how it is with my MSI x570 Pro Carbon Wifi and Edge. I am going to bet every single person reporting these issues has done at least 1 cmos reset. If removed, it seems to be reinstalled as soon as Dragon Master is opened again. Cinebench at 80° is not out of ordinary (on my system I reach 78°). Almost started taking the cooler off but this may have saved me from the hassle. So depending on your ambient and coolant temps and fan speeds you may be fine idle temp … Not using Dragon Center or any other measuring applications in the back ground. It's a 145W 12c part, in no way at all comparable to a measly i5. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. reboot back to bios. Under heavy load the 3900X can run at 1.1v with vdrop which is a great CPU. Ryzen 3900X Temperature and Voltage Problem in ide... Hi,  Good tip on cfosspeed. When I turned it back on, CPU was stable, Voltage was stable, and with that the Fans were stable.. Also now as I'm typing this message, the PC is stable again.. But what does this 220W TDP of the noctua cooler mean? Hi. 4 all core gave a higher score. This has basically been my experience w/ a 3900x as well. Would Also recomend you uninstall dragon center, have had issues with it in the past that was causing high cpu usage while idle on my 3900x plus it would install something called cFospeed which is part dragon centers network speed management which you dont really need and people have had connectivity issues with in the past, not to mention it would sometimes remain installed in your system even after uninstalling Dragon center (you can usually find it using windows program uninstall but there have been cases of it not beeing listed there but can still be seen as a process/service running in the background). When I got the replacements I did the default install and booted to bios set to auto and XMP to 3200 and set timing and voltages. Discussion. 7 Posts #2 • 2 mo ago. My i5 went with the boxed cooler basically to room temps (25-30°C). it melted my aio pump and damaged it perm. Then they run hot. Image 7 of 10. At IDLE (0-1% CPU) the CPU Package Power is around 40W, is that normal? again nothing special config wise. Light load will be up to 1.58v depending on power plan and BIOS.I say 1.58v because it is the highest voltage I have seen.This high voltage is to get the high boost on cores.Highest boost I seen was 4750Mhz on 3800X Now as long as temperatures are within AMD limits ,I would say no problems and try not to let it bug … And secondly under load (if I apply manual OC) my CPU pulls 180W-200W (AVX) and the Noctua can't keep the temps under 95°C, but I have read that this Noctua has a TDP of 220-250W so it should keep it at 90°C or below right? do a cmos reset, then pull battery, then verify cpu temp in bios before and after. After 1st assembly have not taken stock cooler off so thermal paste should also not be the reason. If you really have to change the RGB settings just install dragon center again, change to your desired RGB settings then uninstall it afterwards. Check your voltage if you run high temps on idle!!! Re: Voltage/clocks for idle 3900X 2020/06/21 03:19:13 bob16314 Just off the top of my head I'd say to set the Power Plan in Windows -> Control Panel -> … Just a quick video of some of the issues that I faced when doing this build. Removing services like this will help increase your benchmarking performance - I get 30-50 more in Cinebench R20 when I strip all possible services from my 3900x. this went on for two weeks. user windows Balanced Power plan. booted back to bios and my temps started climbing incredibly fast 40 50 60 70 80 90 +. NEW! I had to rma both due to overheating in bios, IF not stable over 1600, random reboots when putting a load on cpu. Might want to check for whatever background activity is causing that and if you can't find any process/service that's causing it then it must be some drivers that are causing it in your system cause I have seen something similar to it happen on another system of mine just this January (high cpu usage at idle but normal cpu usage after waking up from sleep) found out that it was actually caused by a combination of the wireless drivers and the new windows update, uninstalling the wireless drivers solved the problem, and it seems that I'm not the only one that's had that happen to after updating windows, Microsoft seems to be aware of the problem and has since released bug fixes for it but I'm still seeing people reporting about it even now. The Zen 2 IDLE is broken. I wonder if there's been an update in drivers or anything from windows that's messed it up. Like way too high. That seems very high to me, I come from an 45W i5, which obviously had a lot less power but IDLE'd at 5-10W. windows updates all completed. using hwinfo64, what kind of temps and voltages are you getting while idle? /r/AMD is community run and does not represent AMD in any capacity unless specified.