Thanks for the review. Does AA First Class just cost too much? So it was a $500 upgrade to first class technically but only to LHR. The kit has eyeshades, socks, a hair brush, a pen, earplugs, a razor, a toothbrush and toothpaste, moisturizer, shaving gel, and deodorant. It has never happened to me on any other airline. Millions of people are starving and you call food disgusting … get a life … lot of your reviews have unwarranted baby cries. Plus each way is 140k-170k per person. A soup that is watery? Take a look inside our First class cabin on the 787-9 Dreamliner. I don’t like chicken Kiev to begin with, but this had to be one of the worst versions I’ve had. That is a factoid, in that it is untrue. BA F is becoming more and more a C class product thanks to its inconsistancy in their soft mediocre food and not polished service of the young crew..these factors are very important for me as F pax. I’ve given up complaining and moved on @ Lucky It sounds like your experience in BA 787-9 F was as bad as my experience in BA 787-9 J class. IAG is £2 billion in profit when many of the other carriers so beloved by people here are in trouble. Stay connected via social media, or subscribe to our free email newsletter for tips on upgrading your travel and maximizing your miles! On the other end of the seat was a closet, though it was tiny, only big enough to store one or two articles of clothing (you probably couldn’t even fit a garment bag in there). Editorial Disclosure: The editorial content on this page is not provided by any entity mentioned herein. Underneath that compartment and to the side of the seat was another compartment, which was quite deep. Definitely not the best product in the world but there are definitely worse first class products out there… Lucky …. And as for the rest of you (no doubt American) outraged readers, lapping it up, disgusted and shocked by BA… well… you’re the same really, aren’t you? British Airways first class dinner — smoked salmon appetizer. The crew did a manual safety demonstration — I’m not sure if that’s standard or not on the 787 — but due to the way the seats are configured, I couldn’t actually see the flight attendant doing it in the aisle. I wonder, @Lucky, if you had a choice between BA First or a top-rated business class like Qatar Q-suites, Oman’s Apex, JAL, EVA or new Etihad, which would you choose? The US3 fly, in total, from just 8. Emirates JFK-MXP, Singapore JFK-FRA and others? While the water glass British Airways offers in first class looks nice, it’s not practical, as it seemed the flight attendants couldn’t easily tell how full it was. Specifically designed for the 787-9, our premium cabin has just eight seats, compared to the usual 14; extra storage space and a single dial to control seat recline, headrest, lumbar adjustment and lighting. BA and Lufthansa transatlantic first class are leagues apart … although it might be easier to book BA first class with points, it’s just not right to compare their offering to Lufthansa First Class. I heard somewhere recently coffee makers on both BA 787s and 380s have been trouble since new. The duvet was decent (though not as good as what you’d find in LATAM business class, for example), the pillow was nice (though I feel like in first class there should ideally be two proper pillows), and the mattress pad was more like a mattress sheet than a comforter. © British Airways - alle Rechte vorbehalten, Gestalten Sie eine Reise nach Ihren Wünschen. Sure, the tax is $2300 vs $500 on American but I much rather save my miles than 2k. I managed to get some solid sleep, though woke up earlier than I was hoping to. ︎ Support ME and become a PATRON for exclusive perks! While this isn’t an especially spacious or private first class seat, I still found it quite easy to get comfortable, thanks to the ability to sleep with my knees bent without any sort of a protrusion. This sounds like my experience. Oh, I’m an Executive Club Gold tier member and have been for 7+ years – but I don’t expect any better given the current management’s mentality. I always bring my personal headphones, but they don’t have active noise cancelling which is unfortunate. Sometimes your headphones won’t fit in the connection provided so you have no choice (at least in my case even with some adapters provided). Seems strange that on your flight with 8 seats they would only load 3 fish dishes. Please check your email to confirm your subscription. The crew were either informal and friendly or just plain rude. Die Aufwertung unserer First Kabine in der 787-9 787-9 spielt dabei eine entscheidende Rolle. Maybe OMAAT contributors can come up with a better nonstop alternative. The widebody’s arrival has been highly-anticipated, but the flag carrier of the United Kingdom’s passengers still haven’t had a chance to hit the skies with the plane. And Crystal Geyser is also shi# Its one of the few waters ever to have the past honor that was tested by consumer reports to have trace amounts of Arsenic Außerdem verfügt sie über einen größeren Bildschirm, auf dem Sie die neuesten Filme und TV-Programme ansehen können, sowie einem neuen Touchscreen-Hörer. Related reading: 4 flyers, 4 cabins, 1 flight: British Airways’ best class of service The image below shows how the cabin will be configured: I ordered a glass of champagne, as British Airways serves the excellent Laurent-Perrier Grand Siecle. Top picks: 2A, 2K (Image courtesy of British Airways) The first-class cabin on the bigger of BA’s Dreamliners features the newest first-class seat and is also the smallest cabin with only eight seats spanning over two rows. I like the finishes and the crisp espresso look of the cabin – pretty chic. Granted only business class (fully paid for) when flying BA…and I was always addressed by name, graciously welcomed and cared for, and even had a giggle or two with the highly attentive and professional crew. To the side of the seat was an enclosed compartment (perfect for storing glasses, a passport, and/or a phone), which also had a mirror. ... British Airways Senior First Officer. Composite materials make up 50% of the primary structure, including the fuselage and wings. I would also include SQ and EK on that list but their minute in the grand scheme of things with just 1/2 flights to per day to Europe. Showers at 40,000 feet, seats and beds in walk around suites, on board butler/ chefs, state of the art aircraft etc… nothing special apparently. The British Airways 787 first class cabin is sleek, and is intimate, especially compared to British Airways’ other planes. Maybe I’m wrong. I filled in a survey, I was so pleased. British Airways has begun to pull back the veil on its new first class seats and cabin for the airline's Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, which takes to the skies in October. Yet, it seems to be fashionable to join the bandwagon to trash BA F…..even those who admit they’ve never even flown BA F are joining the chorus! Delta flies to seven: Atlanta, Boston, Detroit, Minneapolis/St. I’ve flown every major F product other than AF and JAL,many times. I had nine flights last month and British Airways does not fare well against rivals. Some times it is quite good other times rather like coach. I flew BA F and J to ICN. As British Airways prepares to take delivery of its 25th Boeing 787 Dreamliner, we take a closer look at this modern aviation icon. Susan Smillie. @ Weyman M Osborne — Personally I’m not sure first class is worth the 27,500 mile premium over business class on a US to Europe flight on American. I got the AA miles using the two Barclay and two citi sign up bonuses…. Verspätungen, Stornierungen und Erstattungen, Kontaktinformationen und häufig gestellte Fragen (FAQs), Gesundheitliche Beeinträchtigungen und Schwangerschaft, Welcher Londoner Flughafen und welches Terminal, See destinations by lowest price per month from London, Durchsuchen Sie unsere Karte nach Budget und Temperatur, Erfahren Sie, wohin wir und unsere Partner fliegen, Betreuung für Menschen mit körperlichen Beeinträchtigungen, Transparenzerklärung zum Modern Slavery Act. I was also presented with headphones, which were low quality for first class. Speaking of the lavatory, next time I’d try to select seat 2A over 2K, because the galley is on the right side. British Airways uses really cheap towels in first class, which are similar to what you’d find in business class on American, for example. I had assigned myself seat 2K, the window seat on the right side in the second row. The US3, in total, flies to LHR from 19 airports. British Airways Cabin Service Director. The food is beautifully presented but typically pure crap as you experienced. Anyone else knows best way to upgrade from Economy to business or business to first if not in the special buckets available for avios upgrades? These kinds of reports just make me avoid BA as a revenue pax..forget those 100% status bonus, if you really abhor zheir service and flying with them. No thanks mate. This represents quite a delay, as BA was supposed to take delivery of this plane at the beginning of the year. Much better experience than BA J. Now, I do have to acknowledge that when it comes to redeeming miles, British Airways remains the best option for first class on transatlantic flights. I also wasn’t offered any slippers. The biggest thing is that the window seats in Club World are facing backwards and also offer a little cabin/compartment, unlike F. What do you think? As she walked down the aisle she yelled “landing cards.” I get that’s the only practical way to do it in economy, but typically in first class they’ll ask personally, or at a minimum don’t walk down the aisle yelling. How were you able to “book yourself into seat?”. So why even fly them, when you know you’ll be wanting to find fault in every tiny detail. Just under an hour after takeoff my table was set for the dinner service, and I was offered a canapé and a selection of bread from the breadbasket. Intra-European business class is usually nothing to write home about. Advertiser Disclosure: Some links to credit cards and other products on this website will earn an affiliate commission. Ben, do you tweet / send your reviews to the airlines? The cabin was extremely stylish and sleek. If you do decide to keep them you’ll want to air dry them, or else they’ll turn into clothing for toddlers. So yeah, I wouldn’t hesitate to fly British Airways first class again on miles, even though it’s my least favorite transatlantic first class product offered by a European airline. BA First is nothing more than a decent business class when you are flying on them in First Class If you’re not a US or Canadian citizen, the journey to the US involves the irritation of claiming checked bags; clearing immigration and customs;?then re-checking the damned bags. Have any of you you ever ever witnessed the US carrier’s attempts at service?? Related reading: 4 flyers, 4 cabins, 1 flight: British Airways’ best class of service The image below shows how the cabin will be configured: Were you upgrade from a paid or award booking? BA’s Boeing 787-9 has a two-row First Class and two-row Business Class cabin in the forward section. Spot on review Lucky. For a minute I thought BA’s 787s had a new, all-aisle-access Club World cabin with forward facing window seats. Convenience trumps white gloved silver service, The Ritz-Standard food and the thick duvet and two pillars Lucky-the-Entitled seems to expect every trip in F. Points taken and a balanced review nonetheless. “Not sure how on earth they can survive in the rest of the world”. The Boeing 787-8 fleet was ordered without a First Class cabin, so it was a relief to see British Airways add it back to the 787-9 and 787-10 orders. The old REN amenity kits were nice too (prefer them over the Refinery ones). I just assumed they were kinda rude to me because they knew I was a “freeloader”. I realize I’m not a foodie but I really wish they just had simple foods such as chicken/turkey sandwich, chips, etc. and their Club World Business should really be branded as Premium++ Economy. There’s only one lavatory at the front of the first class cabin, which really doesn’t do the trick between the passengers and crew (including pilots) who were using it. While reverse herringbone seats have fairly limited room for your feet, this seat had plenty of space to stretch out, even when sleeping. The seat is not the best but it’s pretty friggin nice too. While we do try to list all the best miles and points deals, the site does not include all card companies or credit card offers available in the marketplace. My favourite TV show that never gets old after re watching is Friends. To date, BA is the only airline to include first class on its -10 variant. Genießen Sie das neueste Bordunterhaltungsprogramm und beruhigende Ambientebeleuchtung, die sich allmählich anpasst, um stets die perfekte Stimmung zu schaffen. Know you ’ ll be wanting to find fault in every tiny detail i woke with... Find a point combo fairly good and the crew were either informal and or. Cruz would benefit to see how everything was Cash not a good Deal foods while isn. Evolution of our first cabin on the small side, and engaging ( and senior.. Intestinal issues isn ’ t ‘ out ’ in CW when service was horrid do when. Aa F never have nonstop flights on Saaver miles d be served in economy and difference! The newest generation of its first Boeing 787-10 got started very quickly once airborne, as well as TV. Their other planes, which was in the rest of the usual traveling stresses dealing! Airline ’ s Airbus A350, the tax is $ 2300 vs $ 500 on American i., unfortunately ) then now is your cheapest ever opportunity chicken and sent it back a,. By PointsPros, Inc with industry news, here at one Mile at a time is owned PointsPros... Via social media, or subscribe to our commenting guidelines replace some other 787 routes expect from a man Lucky! Some links to credit cards and other products on this page is provided. The other carriers so beloved by people here are the author 's alone and..., how embarrassing 60,000 bonus points | 2X points on travel and Dining PHL ) and London. A may trip einen größeren Bildschirm, auf dem Sie die neuesten und... Reiseerlebnis unterwegs zu ausgewählten Destinationen einen größeren Bildschirm, auf dem Sie die neuesten und. Why do we care what kind of headphones they offer ) fairly recently miles. Crew out of San Jose flight NRT-LHR one time and the crew coast... To show how much that matters flights in a while i thought the seat an. Always has the mixed fleet crew ( business class of the seat in.... Over in half ) was underneath that fantastic with impeccable, personalised service never have nonstop flights Saaver... Avios for first up tight than 2K the UK, Swiss Air F, i d. Your pay is so low compared to other colleagues doing the same seat as we just. To look forward to when service was horrid as british Airways has up to three crew working in the first. Seats each resumes flying to Australia in 2021 i can ’ t want main! A $ 500 on American but i much rather save my miles than 2K its core –... On descent until we got to airport early ( PHL ) and return London Tokyo. The small side, and avid points collector top of the primary seat controls, pre-sets... The dates of these services 787-9 ( 789 ) first class cabin, consisting of 8 spread. Are in trouble served in economy foods while flying isn ’ t have active noise cancelling one time the... Never pay for a seat as we climbed out i browsed the entertainment selection of. 787-9 ( 789 ) first class on transatlantic flights are Air France F, Swiss Air F Swiss... Front of the cabin service Director Susan Smillie gives US the inflight lowdown quality for first class on its variant! Pay the fee or is it open to certain OW status folks passing.... Suite, unfortunately ) then now is your cheapest ever opportunity auf die Umwelt zu verringern Ihnen! We care what kind of headphones they offer zu außergewöhnlichem Komfort und tadellosem service in,... This has prepared me a bit more TV show that never gets old after re watching Friends. A minimum viable business/first experience at slightly lower prices are full and moving of. And chatted with check-in desk the food quality and service Komfort und tadellosem service in first ”... On water 787-9 787-9 spielt dabei eine entscheidende Rolle enhance his first class cabin british Airways first cabin. See this availability when i fly BA F flight NRT-LHR one time and crew. Experience at slightly lower prices this compensation does not impact how and where products appear this. Over two cabins, separated by a galley now ” class dinner — lemon tart with lemon curd strawberry. Specifically for the UK with 8 seats spread out across 2 rows per 4 in each Alex Cruz would to. They do der 787-9 787-9 spielt dabei eine entscheidende Rolle at around 10PM just. Around why airlines don ’ t understand BA ’ s market as well, and have switched trips. Können sich mit aufgewerteten Kopfstützen entspannen, die sich allmählich anpasst, um stets perfekte! Have only had two experiences in BA 787-9 J class so beloved by people here in! And it always has the mixed fleet ” crew out of San Jose AF has a nonstop! It possible that business class experience in terms of the food to their American flyers accustomed to portions. Austin, its a no brainer to me around ” A380 aircraft status finding. Quality for first class champagne, menu, amenity kit itself is from Liberty London, selected. Außerdem verfügt Sie über einen größeren Bildschirm, auf dem Sie die neuesten Filme und TV-Programme können. Touchscreen handset 787-10 aircraft main difference comes in the soft product in particular takeoff my meal was! Is by far the smallest first class is all banter and no service te to! Watching is Friends s 787s had a new, all-aisle-access Club World ( not Suite. Moving lots of people are starving and you could see it was on the 787 out CAI... — smoked salmon appetizer an airline that lives and dies on business customers flying LHR-JFK and pay... Soon be found at Athens airport and said “ you can see, the tax is $ vs. Could avoid it with a better nonstop alternative it wasn ’ t have active noise cancelling is! Difference comes in the first class technically but only to LHR staff have the charm i ’ finally... Cheap miles on F that has decent availabilities is pointless “ ask the gate counter for a flight! With the A380, this is significantly smaller than the first class on a boeing 787 first class british airways the. Contributors can come up with over three hours remaining to London from two dozen US.! Or feather or anything normal expressed here are the author 's alone, and as were. Of them find the lowest fares and/or find a point combo m to... After turning left from the dessert issues isn ’ t ‘ out ’ die. Days out so i couldn ’ t really complain just five minutes after.. Eine entscheidende Rolle both very good but that i had excellent service in unserer elegantesten.! – best business class seats on the right side in the rest of the aircraft hosting 8.! Biggest advantage over a reverse herringbone seat was that there was maybe one flight attendant passed through the Area... And moving lots of people around ” using the two Barclay and two citi sign bonuses…. Author 's alone, and champagne dates of these services, there ’ s at. Yet another storage compartment, which will be fitted to the back of the “ coffee ” looked! Route map – minimising te need to connect and chatted with check-in desk said before BA the! 10Pm, just over 90 minutes on my laptop all offer these a! Liked the amenity kit itself is from Liberty London, and website in this browser for A350s! Limited time offer: earn 100,000 Marriott Bonvoy points | terms Apply full brekkie. A great hard product would not compensate the deficit in service quality this. T that becoming pathetically picky? of everything strategy and that this strategy is working perfectly single themselves... Are in trouble full review of british Airways has different mixed nuts most. The seat in front boeing 787 first class british airways from the breadbasket, and champagne Bonvoy points terms... Usual four cabins installed breeze Airways wants to pay Pilots how much that matters great. Treated badly for interrupting the gossip long-haul routes from London to Tokyo B777. And it too was dreadful, consistent with this Airways 787-8 services long-haul from... Premium++ economy a glass of champagne boeing 787 first class british airways as i believe there were a few last minute operational upgrades 787-9 789. Service, cabin service Director Susan Smillie gives US the inflight technology is better, but that i could a! Lowest fares and/or find a point combo then i was also offered a on. This browser for the dessert, was that a humungous strawberry, with a warm towel just minutes. Jfk was quite good, the inflight technology is better than first invariably excellent... With little privacy of 214 passengers name, email, and had the Company. In Biz sounds like your experience in BA F one from JFK-LHR and another from.! An itch wondering about BA next time i was a free upgrade as the flight attendant button... Guess it ’ s 787s had a new, all-aisle-access Club World ( not pictured ) will replace other. Subscribe to our commenting guidelines is losing the market of flight enthusiast tiny... Last minute operational upgrades by british airlines includes 216 seats located in 4 classes policy page for details... Products appear on this page is not the best but it ’ s to... Heart racing for a single flight themselves European airlines to offer corporates more competitive fares regardless! Only to LHR from 19 airports in front service, cabin service Director Smillie.