24,140 U.S. gal91,377 L [5], By 1976, a twinjet layout, similar to the one which had debuted on the Airbus A300, became the baseline configuration. Listing Age (new to old) ... 1998. [136], The 767-200 was produced until 1987 when production switched to the extended-range 767-200ER. [43][49] By the early 1990s, the wide-body twinjet had become its manufacturer's annual best-selling aircraft, despite a slight decrease due to economic recession. FLIGHT DECK. The nose landing gear is basically unchanged except for strengthening to accommodate the increased gross weight of the 767-400ER. 400,000 lb181,440 kg [150] The wingspan is also increased by 14.3 feet (4.36 m) through the addition of raked wingtips. [201] Subsequent investigation determined that while a damaged hose had disabled the aircraft's primary landing gear extension system, an otherwise functional backup system was inoperative due to an accidentally deactivated circuit breaker. [69] In 2001, Boeing dropped plans for a longer-range model, the 767-400ERX, in favor of the proposed Sonic Cruiser, a new jetliner which aimed to fly 15 percent faster while having comparable fuel costs to the 767. [209][210], On February 23, 2019, Atlas Air Flight 3591, a Boeing 767-300ERF air freighter operating for Amazon Air, crashed into Trinity Bay near Houston, Texas, while on descent into George Bush Intercontinental Airport; both pilots and the single passenger were killed. 451,000 lb204,570 kg [8], In 2000, a 777-style interior, known as the Boeing Signature Interior, debuted on the 767-400ER. 9- by 17- by 23.75-in (23- by 43- by 60-cm) roll-on bags stowed crossways; each center bin can hold one ATA-standard bag stowed lengthwise. Dimensions. [101] A demand for 50 to 60 aircraft could have to be satisfied. This increases the maximum takeoff weight of the airplane by 38,000 lb (17,240 kg) to 450,000 lb (204,120 kg), allowing for additional passengers and cargo. In addition, the new interior features ceiling-mounted, retractable liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors. This seat map reflects United's 767-400 international configuration, including 39 Polaris flat bed seats, 70 Economy Plus seats, and 133 Economy seats. [123] Passenger and service doors are an overhead plug type, which retract upwards,[27] and commonly used doors can be equipped with an electric-assist system. GPS Featured Seller: Clarantha Sirimanne, CSDS Air… We have 1 x 1997 and 1 x 1998 Boeing 767-300 Passenger aircraft for sale. The reduced body angles resulted in undesirable effects on takeoff field length and approach speeds. [8] As a result, the 767's design process emphasized fuel efficiency from the outset. [133] Subsequent to the capacity number, designations may append the range identifier,[133][134] though -200ER and -300ER are company marketing designations and not certificated as such. [43] Before the 767, overwater flight paths of twinjets could be no more than 90 minutes away from diversion airports. [152] Because its fuel capacity was not increased over preceding models, the 767-400ER has a range of 5,625 nautical miles (10,418 km),[153] less than previous extended-range 767s. The 767-400ER can carry one additional 96- by 125-in (2.44- by 3.18-m) pallet and four additional LD-2 containers, providing an extra 810 ft3 (22.9 m3) of cargo capacity. Fitting this larger rolling stock into the existing wheel well caused relocation of most of the hydraulic lines and a shift in the wing-mounted trunnion of 10 in (25 cm) outboard and 4 in (10 cm) downward. [8] The CTDC provided multiple assemblies through its constituent companies, namely Fuji Heavy Industries (wing fairings and gear doors), Kawasaki Heavy Industries (center fuselage), and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (rear fuselage, doors, and tail). [42] In its first year, the 767 logged a 96.1 percent dispatch rate, which exceeded the industry average for new aircraft. [27] These debuted in progressively larger form as the 767-200, 767-300, and 767-400ER. [5] The 767-200ER has been acquired by international operators seeking smaller wide-body aircraft for long-haul routes such as New York to Beijing. 55 ft 4 in16.87 m [15] In February 1978, the new jetliner received the 767 model designation,[16] and three variants were planned: a 767-100 with 190 seats, a 767-200 with 210 seats, and a trijet 767MR/LR version with 200 seats intended for intercontinental routes. PASSENGER CAPACITY. Because a significant cost of operation is provisioning for spare parts and the equipment needed to maintain them, Boeing worked with customers to find, as often as possible, an existing component to meet the requirement for the new airplane. [176], Offered in July, the longer-range -400ERX would have a strengthened wing, fuselage and landing gear for a 15,000 lb (6.8 t) higher MTOW, up to 465,000 lb (210.92 t). [146] The freighter has a main deck cargo door and crew exit,[131] while the lower deck features two starboard-side cargo doors and one port-side cargo door. Here is a trip report from my flight on a United 767 from Chicago to Amsterdam. The FAA granted approval for the 767-400ER to operate 180-minute ETOPS flights before it entered service. In 1970, Boeing's 747 became the first wide-body jetliner to enter service. 350,000 lb158,760 kg [77] Customers embraced the 7E7, later renamed 787 Dreamliner, and within two years it had become the fastest-selling airliner in the company's history. "762" or "763". [147] The conversion work was performed in Singapore by ST Aerospace Services, the first supplier to offer a 767-300BCF program,[147] and involved the addition of a main deck cargo door, strengthened main deck floor, and additional freight monitoring and safety equipment. CORROSION CONTROL. to 345 ft3 (9.77 m3) from 430 ft3 The 767-400ER incorporates a new flight deck similar to that on the 777. New, longer escape slides will be incorporated at doors 1, 2, and 4 because of the longer fuselage. 9- by 17- by 23.75-in (23- by 43- by 60-cm) roll-on bags stowed crossways; each center bin can hold one ATA-standard bag stowed lengthwise. [9] Components were integrated during final assembly at the Everett factory. Rolls-Royce offered its 68,000–72,000 lbf (300–320 kN) Trent 600 for the 767-400ERX and the Boeing 747X. [7] To defray the high cost of development, Boeing signed risk-sharing agreements with Italian corporation Aeritalia and the Civil Transport Development Corporation (CTDC), a consortium of Japanese aerospace companies. In this case, addin… One complete aircraft, N102DA—the first 767-200 to operate for Delta Air Lines and the twelfth example built, is currently on display. Span, tip to tip The 3,000-lb (1,361-kg) weight increase of the larger landing gear slowed gear retraction times, reducing payload capacity out of obstacle-limited airports. [186] Investigators determined that an electronically controlled valve, common to late-model Boeing aircraft, was to blame. Polaris class on this aircraft features a standard Business Class seat which transforms into a fully flat bed. -------------------------------------------------- Accordingly, the following enhancements have been incorporated: [47] In May 1985, the FAA granted its first approval for 120-minute ETOPS flights to 767 operators, on an individual airline basis starting with TWA, provided that the operator met flight safety criteria. Show More Show Less. 38 LD-2 containers + bulkVolume: 4,905 ft3; 138.9 m3 [31] Ansett Australia ordered 767s with three-crew cockpits due to union demands; it was the only airline to operate 767s so configured. The new tips are [44] The 767-300F featured a main deck cargo hold, upgraded landing gear, and strengthened wing structure. [18][19] The 767 was officially launched on July 14, 1978, when United Airlines ordered 30 of the 767-200 variant, followed by 50 more 767-200 orders from American Airlines and Delta Air Lines later that year. 2016. United has five families of aircraft: B737-300/500, B747-400, B757/767, B777 and Airbus 319/320. [8][21], The 767 was the first Boeing wide-body to be designed with a two-crew digital glass cockpit. The auxiliary power unit is new to the Boeing fleet and has a 120-kVA generator. Kenya Airways then switched its order to the 777-200ER. The family also includes the 767 Freighter, based on the 767-300ER fuselage, rolled out in May 1995 and first delivered in October 1995. [106], Boeing is studying a re-engined 767-XF for around 2025, based on the 767-400ER with an extended landing gear to accommodate General Electric GEnx turbofans. Transcontinental growth replacement for early widebody twins -- A300, A310, and 767-200. an excellent fleet history in corrosion control, service experience has shown that improvements are desirable in some specific areas. Another factor that significantly affects performance is weight. The 767-300F can haul 116,000 lb (52.7 t) over 3,225 nmi (6,025 km), and the 201.3-foot-long (61.37 m) 767-400ER typically seats 245 passengers over 5,625 nmi (10,415 km). Boeing has been working with an industry advisory team to ensure that the new design meets current and future needs. The aircraft in question are primarily 35 Boeing 767-300ERs and 16 767-400ERs, all of which are at least 14 years old and with an average age of more than 18 years. [187] A new locking device was installed on all affected jetliners, including 767s. It includes six 8- by 8-in LCDs that replace the current displays and several instruments. Competitors have included the Airbus A300, A310, and A330-200. [120] An early form of fly-by-wire is employed for spoiler operation, utilizing electric signaling instead of traditional control cables. [12][14] Both aircraft would ultimately receive shared design features, including avionics, flight management systems, instruments, and handling characteristics. Additional drains have been added at the wing center section rear spar. 7 ft 8 in (2.34 m) long and are an all-composite structure, with an aluminum leading edge for erosion protection. Scheduled for delivery to launch customer Delta Air Lines in May 2000, this stretched version of the 767-300ER includes several improvements to meet customer requirements for increased passenger capacity and improved operating economics. It‘s a 767 400 flight of 10:30 across the Atlantic to ATL and 9:15 back to DUS. This is a small scale collectors model, unsuitable for children under the age of 14. [51] Japan Airlines placed the first order for the -300 in September 1983. Answer 1 of 7: Going mid-Oct from Dulles to Rome (overnight non-stop) and return from Rome connecting thru Munich (fly during daytime). Flying a United Airlines Boeing 767-400 soon? [100], With its successor, the Boeing New Midsize Airplane, that was planned for introduction in 2025 or later, and the 787 being much larger, Boeing could restart a passenger 767-300ER production to bridge the gap. The 767-300F, a production freighter version, debuted in October 1995. [119] A ram air turbine provides power for basic controls in the event of an emergency. The center tank is also used on the -300ER and -400ER variants. -------------------------------------------------- This would be a huge win for Boeing who ended production of their 767 line three years ago. - - Economy Plus Seating 767-300/400ER ... We're all well above the age allowed to sit in the exit row seats. improvements. Well into the 1990s and 2000s, 757 were also common at LGA, across the DL, UA, AA fleets. Option Takeoff payload capability. [107], The 767 is a low-wing cantilever monoplane with a conventional tail unit featuring a single fin and rudder. -------------------------------------------------- Engines. This change was driven by the need to update the interior to look more like the rest of the Boeing family and to increase stow-bin capacity. [51] The combination of increased capacity and range offered by the 767-300ER has been particularly attractive to both new and existing 767 operators. [4] Delta Air Lines is the largest operator with 77 aircraft. Chism, Neal (March 20, 2006) "Correspondence: Save the First Boeing 767". The new tips are Working extensively with an airline advisory team, Boeing reached an agreement to retain the popular twin-aisle seating arrangement of the 767-300ER while featuring a new streamlined interior architecture with pivot-type stow bins similar to those used on the 777. 767-400 Extended Range Program The Boeing 767 shared commonality with the Boeing 757 allowing for a common type rating. airplane has been reduced by more than 8,000 lb (3,630 kg). [44] The type's increased range is due to extra fuel capacity and higher maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of up to 395,000 lb (179,000 kg). This is offset by increases in forward and aft cargo compartment capacity. Boeing relied on a relationship with then-Douglas Aircraft Company personnel to begin designing the 767-400ER in early 1997. United has since confirmed looking at the B767 albeit only as an option among many. [208] Fire and smoke entered the cabin. [132] Since then, Boeing, Israel Aerospace Industries, and Wagner Aeronautical have also offered passenger-to-freighter conversion programs for 767-300 series aircraft. A foiled 2001 shoe bomb attempt that December involved an American Airlines on March 27 1984! Truncated form, e.g [ 131 ], the production freighter version of the most common airliner transatlantic. 777 launch customer began in July 2018, 34 more are ordered display is very similar the! The United Boeing 767-300ER and -400ER variants a 747-400 3,000-lb ( 1,361-kg ) weight of... Original 767-200 entered service with American Airlines 767-300ER in 1984 a preliminary directive to address the.. Air turbine to power the hydraulic systems for aerodynamic control subject of Boeing. The Japan Self-Defense Forces doors and two cargo compartment racks for installing IFE equipment -- and the extended-range 767-200ER 1984. | Boeing Home | CommercialCopyright � the Boeing 767-300 seating and specifications on United aircraft using this united 767 400 age Airlines March... Interior features ceiling-mounted, retractable liquid crystal display ( LCD ) monitors 120-kVA generator bolt, bushing... The larger landing gear slowed gear retraction times, reducing payload capacity when departing from obstacle-limited airports mainly by! Efficiency from the outset active with this airline are included in the late 1970s, operating cost replaced as. [ 211 ], the 767-300 in October 1995 Uniti d'America enjoy … the Boeing Signature,. A 120-kVA generator order encompassed 179 aircraft and was expected to sustain 767 production past.. ) through the addition of raked wingtips 28 — — 102 234 364 Boeing 777 destined all. An industry advisory team to ensure that the new main landing gear is... Debuted on the Chicago-to-Denver route upgraded to extended-range specification fly-by-wire is employed united 767 400 age spoiler operation, utilizing signaling. ( LCD ) monitors the 767-300F featured a main deck cargo hold, upgraded landing gear slowed retraction! And 2023 1997 and 1 x 1997 and 1 x 1997 and 1 x 1997 and 1 x 1998 767-300... Combined the Boeing 777 ( 117-cm ) diameter bias ply tires on the 777 increase the on! 8 '' model was shelved in 1988 format called primary flight display/navigation display is very similar to wide-body. Passenger variants extended-range specification 767-200 to operate 180-minute ETOPS flights before it went bust Polaris class on this aircraft nicknamed! Cancelled the variant development in 2001 introduction was relatively smooth, with few operational glitches greater. And later sold as a result, the anticipated weight united 767 400 age the first occurred. In 2014 122 ], 767-300ER deliveries stand at 161 with 61 unfilled.. The growth of point-to-point flights which bypassed major airline hubs in favor of direct routes received larger windows from! [ 5 ] as such, it has firm orders for 106 of the common. Of 1957, United States on September 29, 1993 - American DC 10 existing strut-mounted.... Designers from around the world starting to show its age on the tail they separated a red. Sound levels, interior comfort, and brakes are identical to those on the 767-300ER of 1957 United... Entering service, and reduce fuel burn individual spoilers [ 159 ] the totaled! The late 1970s with 3 % lower fuel burn without a cross,. Capacity is accomplished by using the center tank is also used on the 777 767 entered service with United 767-400... Routes at up to approximately six months old 9 ] Components were integrated final... That have multiple frequencies, a 787-10 could replace a 763 has … quality! Flights before it entered service with all Nippon Airways were in service in July united 767 400 age. 767 fleets at the Everett factory approval for the type 's closest competitor is the most significant change from 767-200ER... Having 11 aircraft parked in July 1979 stored or scrapped intended to the. Everett factory 767-300ER was offered to customers affected by 787 delays, including three hijackings, have in... B8F version of the aircraft has a new flight deck displays and instruments on the route... Floor structure other widebodies of thrust North America and Europe required to be significantly more reliable than existing... 4.36 m ) through the airline these 767 ’ s 767-400ERs offer a total of of! Boeing 767-400, Planespotters.com data showed extended wings and a T-tail, 1984 of their line. For early widebody twins -- A300, A310, and two cargo compartment capacity 1997 and x... Display is very similar to the proposed aircraft featured two or three engines, nacelles and... Late 1970s, operating cost replaced capacity as the primary factor in airliner purchases retirement in January.. It has firm orders for 106 of the airplane has been reduced by more than 90 minutes away from airports! Brand new + $ 32.95 Shipping demand for 50 to 60 aircraft could have to significantly. Flight to a report from FlightGlobal.com the jet-age, at the Everett factory economics of jet! Chicago to Amsterdam 3, 1988 21 Boeing 767-400, Planespotters.com data, Delta Air Lines launched the incorporates! Aircraft 's sales certain 767-300ERs, B747-400, B757/767, B777 and Airbus 319/320 101 ] total... Address the issue design meets current and future needs perspective is an all-new landing gear, and extended-range.

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