Higher irrigation potential meant higher productivity and men likely maintained control over these new technologies. We've assembled some great teams and will cover all four. Where men were integral to production women stayed at home. The insurgents end up replicating the incumbents, subject to the same long commercialization cycles with heavy upfront investments – and limited value prospects at the end of it all. The situation is no different on the other side of the world, when it comes to gender disparity. But it would be optimistic to think that a grassroots insurgency - which may have transnational links - can be wiped out that easily. Due to climate change, rainfall has become erratic and shrinking glaciers in the Himalayan mountains have cut water flows downstream. There is not a lot that happened in the tech world for food and agriculture systems over the last two weeks. The conflict in Cabo Delgado province appears to be entering a new phase - a final phase, the government hopes - with the first of what we understand will be a series of major strikes on insurgent bases in the province. Shubhang Shankar article. From “trollin…, Listen now (90 min) | In this episode, Kyle Kulinski joins us to talk about the moderates and centrists blaming AOC and the Squad for their own failure…, Listen now (91 min) | So, uh… THAT happened! It is also having an impact on the world’s most expensive spice “Saffron.” Saffron is used in making certain types of rice dishes or dessert. He had inspired Napoli to the only two league titles in their history and thrived on the fact that the club were insurgents from the south who beat the aristocracy from the north. More S-1s dropped this week, with Affirm and Roblox joining Airbnb and DoorDash in charging toward IPO. The insurgents were streaming live video of their attack. Dry conditions have halved yields in the last 20 years, for a crop that has been grown in the region for 2500 years. According to the 2018 paper “Racial, ethnic and gender inequities in farmland ownership and farming in the U.S.”. America is in a period of Cold Civil War. The national publicity worked. So what farming systems are associated with higher female employment? About 63% of non-operating landowners, 86% of farm operators, and 87% of tenant farmers were male, and female farmers tended to generate less income per farmer than men. Over the centuries, gender divisions of labour became normalized. Iran produces about 90% of the world’s crop of about 250 tonnes a year, with Kashmir in the northern part of India producing minor quantities compared to world production. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10460-018-9883-3, Fredriksson, Per G.; Gupta, Satyendra Kumar (2020) : Irrigation and Culture: Gender Roles and Women’s Rights, GLO Discussion Paper, No. A Substack newsletter by The Insurgents. (Mariupol is, as they say, a land of contrasts.) We give Ken Klippenstein a stern talking to for his repeated offenses of work policies. To find out more, read our, This site requires JavaScript to run correctly. Fair organizers received letters from around the nation containing offers of help for the Cuban people. The scrutiny increased enormously because of the location of the tournament: Italy, a place where Maradona was loathed or worshipped, nothing in between. Why is this? Women in agriculture are affected by issues of recognition and in the absence of land rights, female agricultural laborers, farm widows, and tenant farmers are left bereft of recognition as farmers, and the consequent entitlements. These claims first came from Republicans like Rep. Matt Gaetz, but House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy later lent credence to them in an interview with Fox News, saying he didn’t know who the insurgents “were with.” Host Laura Ingraham responded by pointedly questioning “whether Antifa was in … We’re talking about LA/…, Listen now (43 min) | This one is painful for us. If you like “Software is feeding the world”, please hit the “Like” button at the bottom or share with a friend. Jordan Uhl & Rob Rousseau. This site requires JavaScript to run correctly. These irrigation societies also tended to become authoritarian, which constrains feminist activism. It is a story about insurgents, about irregulars, bound into action out of a vague ideological notion that an oppressive world can be made less so through a careful application of violence. By some accounts, the regenerative agriculture movement in the US is fairly new. As such, alternative agriculture’s enduring whiteness, unacknowledged use of ancestral farming practices, and singular focus on the environment while eschewing social justice have long plagued its various movements. Where women’s contribution to farming was relatively significant, they have higher labour force participation today. In this article, State of the World looks at the top wars and conflicts to keep an eye out for in the coming year. But hopes that this will finally be the point where “the fever breaks” and the Right acquiesces to majoritarian electoral democracy seem overly optimistic. As 2020 blessedly passes on and we enter the new year of 2021, many of the conflicts we saw in 2020 continue in one form or another. It was on every news network worldwide. I have written about challenges to adoption, incentive programs, and commitments from different organizations around sustainability etc., including practices like no-till, crop rotation, intercropping etc. Please, Listen now (83 min) | On Wednesday the President spoke to a crowd of his most ardent supporters, encouraged them to go to the Capitol and, after weeks of fanning the flames, incited a failed insurrection. You can leave us a voicemail at: 202-570-4639. Needless to say, it also provided him with a good story for the following day’s paper. The S-1 Club launched on Product Hunt, reaching the #2 spot for the day. According to a recent report, climate change is having an adverse impact on the growing of saffron in Kashmir. Agriculture systems have different characteristics in different parts of the world. Populism is no basis on which to govern. The primary goal of the writing will be to continue to learn, connect with/create a community of people interested in the problems we face and potential solutions, and act as a provider of activation energy to spur action. We know female employment is higher in places with traditions of labour-intensive production, shifting-cultivation, and wet paddy fields; much lower under plow-cultivation. Share. Do give this essay a read, and don’t forget to look at some interesting pictures of ancient irrigation systems. In a fascinating new paper, Per Fredriksson and Satyendra Gupta find that areas with low irrigation potential have higher female labour force participation and female property rights. Listen now (69 min) | Jordan Uhl, co-host of The Insurgents, joins to discuss being banned from the U.S. Army’s Twitch chat and predatory military recruitment methods happening via e-sports. She was the girl next door with the shy smile and whispery voice who didn’t know her own beauty. Data Insurgents. Biting leftist commentary & analysis. theinsurgents.substack.com – Ouça o The Insurgents instantaneamente no seu tablet, telefone ou navegador - sem fazer qualquer download. Women are practically invisible when it comes to farming in India. In the 2020s, consumers will embrace brands that turn themselves into Public Goods: sharing their methods, processes, values – and even their patents – and empowering everyone to play a role in their evolution. Apple’s Search Game Theory. Share. It was on every news network worldwide. When a disillusioned GI, an ex-prostitute and a small-time crook come under the spell of a charismatic, radical, left-wing academic, a terrorist cell emerges in our own backyard. Many of them are openly hostile to Heastie. About 10 years back, the Indian government launched an expensive program to help farmers adopt new technology, but for various reasons the intervention appears to have failed. People of color have long sought to bring the conversation to the forefront, but their efforts have largely gone ignored. The Insurgents. (Commodity row crop corn at $ 3.50 per bushel is about 14 cents per kilogram), Saffron flowers bloom only for 1-2 weeks per year, they have to be harvested by hand and about a 1000 flowers produce about an ounce of product. Biting leftist commentary & analysis. As the Beer Gut Putsch (a name stolen from a Reddit thread, which I plan to use for the foreseeable future) engulfed the US Capitol on Wednesday, Allahpundit compared it to the 9/11 attacks. As I stated with the data from India, patriarchy and women’s rights is an important issue in agriculture. Recent statistics released by the University of Maryland and the National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER, 2018) state that women constitute over 42 per cent of the agricultural labour force in India, but own less than two per cent of farmland. Hey everyone, It was a fun week. Key takeaway: Race and gender issues continue to plague the industry. As he shouted “repel boarders!” and aimed a soda siphon in the direction of the insurgents, one of them kneed him in the groin. Regenerative agriculture has become a way to save the day without addressing our white privilege. Please, https://doi.org/10.1007/s10460-018-9883-3. The Managing Director for Syngenta Ventures, Shubrang Shankar recently wrote a fascinating article about the state of AgTech over the last 10 years. This week’s edition is a shorter version to help you ease into 2021. These characteristics raise important questions on equity by race, nationality in gender. This divergence is not recent, it precedes twentieth century development and democratization. The death toll, thankfully, was much lower - but the symbolism, if anything, was much worse. Learn more. The struggle to make the U.S. food system more racially just and equitable isn’t new. Typically, he claimed £50 compensation for an industrial injury from his then employer, the London Evening Standard. They won’t pull back from the brink. They will do what they were elected to do. As it turns out, it was fitting timing. In 2012–2014, White people owned 98% and operated 94% of all farmland. Does it already have a race problem? Content Moderation and Regulatory Capture. Want the full experience? tl;dr (too long, didn’t read): The world’s most expensive spice has been grown in Kashmir for more than 2500 years. The insurgents were streaming live video of their attack. The views expressed in this newsletter are my personal opinions.

In August of 1980, Playboy Playmate Dorothy Stratten was found dead at just 20 years old. Saffron can cost up to $ 10,000 to $ 13,000 per kilogram. At the end of yesterday’s edition of the Editorial Board, I said you should not expect the Republicans to change.They lost the White House. They’ve been integrated into our every day lives through advertising, social media and media outlets. She recently summarized some latest research on “Irrigation and Culture: Gender Roles and Women’s Rights”. I work as a product manager on Project Mineral at Alphabet X, focused on sustainable agriculture. Yes, the backlash from the failed coup attempt of 1/6 caused most Republican leaders to denounce violent insurrection, and even forced Trump to back down (at least, for a moment). The class of 2020 will be the most left-wing in the Assembly’s history. Good morning. Biting leftist commentary & analysis. Racial, ethnic and gender inequities in farmland ownership and farming in the U.S.. Agric Hum Values 36, 1–16 (2019). Hi, if you are new here, I am Rhishi Pethe and you became a member of the “Software is feeding the world” community. Autocracy. The Insurgents. The stubborn refusal of progressive politics to acknowledge this new reality leaves the field open to insurgents offering protest rather than policy. Women stayed at or closer to home, their property rights were not respected, and spent time doing tasks like milking etc. Smart insurgents are riding ultra-transparency to build unique positions that set them apart from their competitors. TL;DR: A mob of insurgents violently stormed the U.S. Capitol Wednesday afternoon after Democrats won senate seats in Georgia, securing Joe Biden’s upcoming presidency. Directed by Scott Dacko. theinsurgents.substack.com We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. Ei tarvetta latailuun. Dr. Evans summarizes the following theories to explain the structure of women’s participation and their rights. All of these practices are part of Indigenous land management. Yesterday Civil Eats published an essay on regenerative agriculture in the US and whether it has a race problem or not. Eoin Higgins. When the Russians invaded in early 2014, their Ukrainian separatist proxy forces and local insurgents actually took Mariupol, controlling parts of the city for over a month until they were pushed out, largely by a pro-government neo-Nazi militia called the Azov battalion. Free weekly newsletter at the intersection of technology and agriculture. Straka’s tweet urging the illegal, and deadly, behavior to continue — sent to his 650,000 followers — came at 5:33 pm on Wednesday, January 6, several hours after the violent takeover of the Capitol building began. The Insurgents: The anatomy of a smear feat. It means a lot. An American nurse intending to travel to Cuba to render medical assistance to the insurgents was the star of the parade and her personal story was described in Hearst’s newspaper. Three candidates backed by the Democratic Socialists of America ousted incumbents. Section 230, like many… Horst, M., Marion, A. They have now lost the US Senate.But they won’t do any soul-searching. Alex Kotch and Walter Bragman talk about their upcoming nonprofit news app, OptOut. However, they own only 13 per cent of the land. Climate change is having an adverse impact on yields and production, posing a threat to the livelihood of those farmers. Charles C. Mann is one of my favorite authors and he has written books like 1491, 1493 and The Wizard and the Prophet. “We have a responsibility to not only rectify land management practices, but also to recognize the deep well of intelligence and lived knowledge that many Indigenous people practiced for millennia fulfilling a regenerative cycle of life. Climate change is having an impact on various crops like corn and growing regions. According to Oxfam (2013), around 80 per cent of farm work is undertaken by women in India. They generated 98% of all farm-related income from land ownership and 97% of income from farm owner-operators. Ahead of the Senate’s Section 230 hearings today, Mark Zuckerberg argues that the law should be updated in unspecified ways to respond to current needs. In addition to racial and ethnic disparities, there were disparities by gender. The most gender equal regions in the world are Northern Europe and SouthEast Asia. Elsewhere, men cooperated between close kin, battled against outsiders for control over valuable irrigation, captured the gains of greater productivity, developed tight bonds of kinship, while women stayed at home. How did they become more gender equal than the Middle East? (Before anyone starts getting upset about Kashmir and becomes all political, this post is about climate change. I am no expert on these topics. Or drop us a line at theinsurgentspod@gmail.com.You can also listen to the Insurgents on iTunes HERE.On Spotify HERE.On Google Podcasts HERE.If you’d like to become a premium subscriber and gain access to our private Discord server as well as the to-come premium episodes, you can do so here: tl;dr (too long, didn’t read): Race and gender equity are key challenges facing the industry worldwide. Weapons of war have been trained against us since the psy-ops programs developed during the great world wars in the early 20th century. A news and politics podcast from Jordan Uhl, Ken Klippenstein & Rob Rousseau that mixes serious discussion with extremely self-indulgent navel gazing ... See privacy, terms and information collection notice. ), PHOTO BY ALEX LAU, STYLING BY EMILY EISEN. 681, Global Labor Organization (GLO), Essen. It was haphazard, bizarre, at points absurd to the point of humorous but g…, Listen now (84 min) | Today we’re joined by Dan Evans aka Dan From The Internet to talk about AOC’s comments on the need for a change in Dem leadership…, Listen now (74 min) | Liliana Segura, senior reporter at the Intercept, joins us on this episode to talk about the tragic case of Brandon Bernard and t…, Listen now (81 min) | Friend of the show Hasan Piker has found his way back onto the show to give us his post-election hot takes, weighs in on Obama’s …, Listen now (66 min) | We’re joined on this episode by Ricci Sergienko, an organizer with People’s City Council LA & Sunrise LA. Key takeaway: Climate change is having an impact on the most common commodity crops to the most expensive spices in the world. Meet The Insurgents. Listen to The Insurgents on Spotify. (at least according to the farmers). Become a paying subscriber Just join the free list, for now. This one is painful for us. The lack of police presence has been criticized for how it compares to BLM protests last April, and calls for Trump’s presidency to end immediately are picking up steam. Another week, another OptOut partner collaboration! The insurgents replicate the incumbents. 2021 promises to be another interesting year (and hopefully in a good way)! If you don’t mind answering 3 questions anonymously (2 are optional), I would love to get your feedback. Other progressive insurgents, like Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas in Queens and Emily Gallagher in Brooklyn, won as well. Even the “emerging” field of regenerative agriculture has a potential problem in the US. The regenerative movement offers an opportunity that goes beyond improving soil health. Before the modern era, almost everyone produced their own food, and these systems for producing food profoundly affected gender relations. With John Shea, Mary Stuart Masterson, Henry Simmons, Juliette Marquis. theinsurgents.substack.com – Kuuntele The Insurgents -podcastia heti tabletilla, puhelimella ja selaimella. In 1491, Mann showed by citing latest research that Native Americans actively managed and even constructed their natural landscapes—and their agricultural and land management practices sustained communities that were much more populous than had been acknowledged previously. Carbon Markets: Substack of Ag? Dr. Alice Evans, lecturer at King’s College, London studies what drives progress towards gender equality. writer and podcaster (the Insurgents, 49th Parahell) New Top Discussion ... See privacy, terms and information collection notice. Irrigation required constant collaboration, encouraging collectivism. But as I said in my 2020 review. You will receive this free weekly newsletter (every Wednesday) at the intersection of technology and agriculture/food systems. Thanks for tuning in to OptOut, and please forward this email or share the Substack link with anyone who might want to subscribe! This forced women to stay at home, while the men were out fighting. The election is finally over, kind of, Orange Man Bad has been defeated, we think, and everything in Ameri…. 2020 was the year of many things - COVID, political change, BLM etc. Straka’s tweet urging the illegal, and deadly, behavior to continue — sent to his 650,000 followers — came at 5:33 pm on Wednesday, January 6, several hours after the violent takeover of the Capitol building began. We give Ken Klippenstein a stern talking to for his repeated offenses of work policies. The reality of how protests unfolded the last year underlines the blatant inequities Black people face every day. A lot more needs to be done, including recognizing and learning from Indigenous Peoples, breaking down social barriers, women’s education, property rights, access to technology etc. And yet they get presented like somebody just figured them out overnight. This week the tragic story of Brandon Bernard’s execution made international headlines, so we did a deep dive into the details of the case with The Intercept senior reporter Liliana Segura. In pre-industrial societies with higher irrigation potential, women were less likely to work in the fields. Thank you to everyone who helped make it such a success. Irrigation likely raised land values, incentivizing raids and warfare. They also carried the legacy of early environmentalists who sought to erase Indigenous people’s imprint on the American landscape. This site uses cookies.

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