the stars and production staff must be proud for having done a masterpiece. Tarzan, the Ape Man. Anyway, the actors and actresses were absolutely outstanding as they all deserve awards for this mini-series. I think when i get my first son, i shall name him 'WOLYA' because of the way he acted in this drama. this series could end in 10 episodes if they had handphones. bestoria Dec 19 2014 5:50 am And I think it is good that the queen placed him at her side to protect him bec she knows that BD wouldn't sacrifice anything for any reason other than hers komapsumnida with all my heart 4 indosiar. UtHpaLa Jan 05 2016 10:23 am For example, Yushin and chunchu were known to be childhood friends but it is not depicted this way in the drama. Check the The Great Queen Seondeok (2009) trailer! He and his followers were put down and executed however Deokman died a few weeks before the execution took place. But, very strong scenario! HAve the actors and actresses won awards in Korea like the academys here? Thumbs up! Array(); She became the first female ruler of the Silla kingdom. But Princess Deokman shrewdly enlisted the help of General Kim Yusin and eliminated her archenemy Mi-shil. Definately a yearly watch for me. bidameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..........meeen i will never 4get him i will call my son bidam n mary a chinese chick so that my son 2 resemble bidamee, barraq sirlum alcantara Jun 01 2012 3:29 am Yushin is known to marry Chuchu's sister, right? I got confused especially the ending if you really love Yushil more than Bidam or it's just reminiscing? mishil was cruel and cold hearted but bidam was kind and caring and was willing to love. Actors where amazing, the plot was prefect, action and fighting was great and the ending was the best ending I have seen in my life ! I have a love hate relationship with all the leads and even the evil Mishil is a much loved character. This is a fantastic dramatic series, the best I have seen on TV or in the movies. The Great Queen Seondeok is the best film that i've ever watched . I am so in love with Deokman in this drama, she's an amazing actress & so beautiful. i know, there's so many boring conversation and cliche scene, but this drama still give me best impression, Guiltypleasure Oct 03 2017 11:40 am The Great Queen Seondeok: WATCH THIS. I love quotes of this drama.. love story between bidam and deokman is very nice even it had a sad story. Bideok will always have a special place in my heart. I love Kim Nam Gil and up to now, with the hundreds of kdramas that I have already watched, he is still my number one favorite korean actor because of my beloved Bidam. Starring It certainly would be nice to see Ko Hyun-Jung be featured in some international productions. A final decision on the character I think that the writers knew would be risk, but an ending they probably always had in mind for the character (and I think it's a great ending). and then i'm getting interest about the history of silla, and every caracter in this drama Overall, it was a piece of master art. A WOMAN KING I love Mishil, Seondeok, Bidam, Yooshin, Alcheon. I watch this drama because of Kim Nam Gil. Bidam is so cuteeeeee and hot !!! hi my lady...lady mishil your are the best. the casts r jist stunning. YS can't leave everything behind for DM but BD can. her expressions are ALWAYS on point. Tom F in NJ Jan 13 2011 12:12 pm At first, I didn't like the character of Deokman but as the story progressed, I found myself admiring her … Watch The Great Queen Seondeok episodes, get episode information, recaps and more. he helped dukman without even knowing who she was. Everything is on point: the acting, the plot, the characters, the cinematography, the OST... EVERYTHING. I wish that MBC will televise this show everyday. She was perfect in 49 Days and Empire of Gold. When he saw that Princess Deokman trusted Kim Yusin more than him, he became jealous and led a revolt against Kim Yusin. Mishil and Queen Seon Deok said that he has the purest heart. Definitely one of the greatest. 1:Deokman,She was in love with yushin,bidam,alcheon(she wanted once to have a drink with him) or Li si-min,what a great lover.2:some of her actions aren't suit for a ruler.3:and mishil at her death was near 80 years old,but she looks like 35-40 years old. :). The last episode was sad beautiful tragic. peste Dec 12 2011 1:45 pm daphnne Apr 25 2010 10:53 pm This is the great story and i love this movie. - Buy Great Queen Seondeok 3 at a low price; free shipping on qualified orders. 5. Insights Bidam's character doesnt deserve that development and ending. His biggest mistake is that he didn't even tried to know the truth but it also stemmed from his unloved personality Soon after her death, Jindeok of Silla (647-654) became the second Queen regnant. tracy allen Aug 19 2011 1:02 pm However, it is being televised only for 2 or 3 consectutive days. I enjoyed watching historical even the ending is not good to others. It should have grown better instead of worse as the story goes. In Samguksagi, Queen Seondeok was described as "generous, benevolent, wise, and … helo iam from Tanzania. that was amazing to watch because it's not cliche. I think the thing about Bidam and Seondok came from the writers imagination because of some things about the real life Bidam. Very sad ? Life and times of the dynasties caste system was portrayed amazingly in each episode. "By the way, where is Alchun in the actors list above?" And sooner or later, BD may eventually try to claim the throne for himself ( actually he also has a right! I hate Queen Seon Deok's last decision she's the smartest and a good decision maker but for me she failed to save Bidam. sarachalz Apr 04 2014 2:57 pm Her loyal followers included General Kim Yusin and Kim Chunchu. Bidam said that all that was the princess's would be his because he had planned on marrying her. Could learn a lot on politics and morals. About | Privacy policy | Contact | Deals | Partners. Mishil's plot, Deokman's counter plot, Seolwon's strategy, Yushin's firmness and Bidam's style and ability present a wonderful story. and why did he think of Yushin as his rival for power? Christine Mar 01 2014 3:04 pm The story of a beautiful queen, who has to give up her love to save the people. She became the first female ruler of the Silla kingdom. !I wish oneday a government comes in iran and act like koreans,produce dramas about Cysus The Great,Darius I The Great(achaemenid emperors who ruled 4 corners of the world) or Nadir Shah of Afsharid dynasty as examples(Nadir was ruling in my hometown and his Statue is like general gye baek Statue) .i pray to see those dramas someday. M Jul 24 2017 6:33 am Sorry, but I also don't see Silji (Wolya's co-hort)? End of episode 8 made me unreasonable happy :). Mail (required but will not be published), Mark king Jul 16 2020 1:47 pm I love Bi Dam. :) Alcheon rang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just found out his name means sad story. I miss you so much Kim Nam Gil! I seriously want to thank this drama for introducing me to Kim Nam Gil. christine Apr 01 2010 1:21 am ;) Sorry. Then chunchu came along being annoying as hell (at first) and I lost interest for a bit but guess why I still watch it? Smart cast and storyline.. thamks to this, i got to know mamy stunning actors esp ko hyunjung. Overmore cause he existed in history. Build Seowons to educate your people, for the secrets of the world are theirs to uncover. //]]>. Man I need more. There are so many philosophical and historical themes in this show. Nothing beats a good Sageuk! I must say that it's not as great as how most people described it to be but it's not that bad. ali Oct 30 2011 9:50 am By clicking on "Accept", you agree to our use of cookies. hi They are so pretty. this show is the best of the best so far in 2015. cnt be compared to empress ki, dae jung geum or jumong. I like the communication thru the facial expressions. Bidam belated happy birthday???? The mystical dimension to the story's ending is unmistakable. The actor who played Bidam has good stage presence but he and Deukman need to polish their acting skill. Historical roles demand much from an actor and she gives it her all. for those that haven't watched it I love the story even though it ended bitterly. Synopsis I very like it... Lee Feb 10 2010 12:20 pm the ending made me cry sooooo much !!! actually this is very perfect drama because we can take many good things about your drama.great determination is one of them.i am really proud about queen seondeok like as my country best friend kalindu samudh also like this drama.but i am very sad about Bidam.on the other hand bidam taught us a is don't trust liers.if you trust them you can destroy your well as this drama is very popular on our country.not only that we can know your country history also. One of them is Yushin. Very much amazed with the artists. ? sheis our [CDATA[ Movies & TV Hello, Sign in. Love love this drama, the characters were awesome!!!! Jinduk156 Jun 26 2019 10:59 pm I have one question though. ! I am watching 8th episode for 2 days without feel bored at all. wow... irealy love mishil...she is so gorgeous. France Apr 01 2014 9:31 am (Also, here, the actor playing Hajong has Kim as his surname too.). Great Queen Seondeok. p/s: i did noticed that most of the casts are beautiful and good looking.hehe..great history series and good looking casts ;). it is a series that will not be easily forgotten. We are now up to the last show and we almost don't want to know what happens since then we will know who lives and who dies and we have this strange attachment to many of these characters. yuriham Aug 03 2017 6:42 pm Scenario and her acting match well. Its an incredible piece of historical drama. Overall the main characters gave justice to their roles. Doekman and Bidam had a dangerous, love relationship because of the power/status/people/faction behind them. I do not speak Korean, but Voice TV has very good subtitles. Too much greed for money huh?? She certainly has the talent. ur realy a great actreess ko hyun jung(mishil)....nice... perfect...wonderful, ali Oct 30 2011 9:27 am because in my opinion that is what love is about. july Dec 22 2009 8:38 pm Being The Great Queen Seon Deok does sure fits her pretty well. If anyone has ideas as to what we should try next, please reply! I KNOW IF THE GENRE IS HISTORICAL AUTOMATIC THAT IS HAS A TRAGIC ENDING.. HAYYYYSSS... HOW TO MOVE ON Frank Feb 20 2014 1:24 pm It may be painful esp. grazie Nov 22 2009 11:02 am Bideok love story was the most pure, beautiful and painful love story I've watched. Why ? ending. I enjoyed it very much, love Princess Deokman especially. Click here and start watching Great Queen Seonduk in seconds. good gosh. Due to extremely high television ratings "The Great Queen Seondeok" has been expanded from 50 episodes to 62 episodes. and why wont deokman stop the hwarangs from cutting bidam up he already got 3 arrows shot at him from close range :'( my poor bidam. W4GRB.average_rating=new Array(); :) I will try again to watch it, but after the Tree with Deep Roots. jules Mar 11 2014 2:22 pm window.W4GRB = new Object(); though i more like dae jang geum than Queen Seon-deok (Korean Drama - 2009) - 선덕여왕, aka The Great Queen Seondeok, find Queen Seon-deok (선덕여왕) cast, characters, staff, actors, actresses, directors, writers, pictures, videos, latest ... Only the strong survive in the historical fiction dramas. Especially this one. It takes a lot of inventiveness to fill sixty-two episodes but the finale is just splendid. More power and God bless :). I mean whyyyy :( if deokman is gonna die anyway let her die with bidam on her side, without miscommunication please. Really a great series. Kim Nam-Gil Uhm Tae Woong Lee Seing-Hyo are my three faves love to watch them I would have to say Bidam is the one I can relate to most. But for him to have the highest position in the government, doesn't that mean that Seondok trusted him enough to give him that position? You never hug or kiss Bidam. i like the way yusin act &lee-yo won.i would like to hav electronic copyb of it ,can u help me. krissesalvatore Apr 22 2012 5:34 am .Source, You're reading the news with potential spoilers, make them spoiler free, dismiss, View all 833 pictures for "Queen Seon-deok". chincha! Score is great...amazing!!! Lady Mishil is a cool antagonist :-D I cried when she died :-D Elizabeth Orosz Feb 01 2014 5:06 pm She was later brought back to the Silla palace, where she joined forces with her twin sister Princess Chonmyong to oppose Mi-shil, who wanted to seize power. Im at Episode 25 and i will Stop here, feels like im wasting my time. Rosemarie G Cola Apr 14 2014 8:31 am I watched it first on Netfix, and I'm watching it over and over again. i really love this movie. Bidam Jun 26 2020 11:13 am This is a Super Great show. I know very little about the authenticity of clothes of this time period. Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything about this show captured my attention. Stephen Weber Feb 09 2014 4:50 am i hate dokman at this drama...lady mishil is so0o0o0 great actress but dokman... KimNaNa Nov 18 2011 11:24 am ive been binge watching this show!! Merina Toromon Dec 04 2013 10:56 pm All these Korean women are simply beautiful, are any of them available? I am fairly romantic, but this show brought back out some strong emotions that I thought had died a long time ago. QSD died earlier than bidam (history). Princess Deokman / Queen Seondeok (actress Lee Yo-won) “The queen is my destiny” After surviving many crises in her life, she finally became the ruler of Silla. clouds Nov 24 2010 10:25 am I have watched a few Korean movies like kingdom of the wind,Dong yi , jewel in the palace,Queen of shillA. I watch again this KDrama so as understand korean history and where it come from. At that time, the Queen's health was deteriorating and could no longer fulfill her duties as she once did, thus leaving most of the work to Bidam. All the casts are superb actors and actresses especially Ko Hyun Jung. For sure he wasn't the only one who rebelled against the queen during her reign. I really like the character of Yu Shin and I had hope they would be together or at least confess his feeling to her or hers to him... and he had said 'yes' to the last suggestion ' should they elope'. ??? Wont give away spoilers, but we sure did enjoy it. 27-dec-2018 - Queen Seondeok (600-647) reigned as the first Korean queen regnant. But when it really mirrored what's on the history, that ending is good/the best for me. i really love QSD's, and I'am also an avid fan. there is a bit of comedy but done in good taste. Full Series: every season & episode. See more ideas about queen, seon, historical korean drama. I absolutely love this drama and now I'm rewatching this, tsillah Sep 22 2013 6:28 am Skip to main Bi to the Dam. It has the same effect on me as Jewel in The Palace.A third drama is yet to come. Odd Aug 19 2015 6:53 pm This drama made my quarantine days happier. It's the best drama I ever seen in my whole life. f Dec 11 2011 4:03 am geyl Jul 23 2010 7:31 am .as one of the writers pointed out in 'the Great Queen Seondeok' TV special and interview, Bidam's life is a trajedy. Jono Aug 01 2011 6:26 pm Guiltypleasure Aug 28 2017 8:32 am mahoo Oct 17 2011 9:44 am and this truly should be submitted for a chance at the 2010 "Foreign mini-series" awards....if there is one. I watched this show for a full hour on channel LA18.3 MBC starting from 5-6PM. Alchun was a real surprise - when he took his hair down, he was a hunk! Writer Kim Young-hyun of Jewel in the Palace fame will be the main writer of this new TV miniseries. Eskimo Apr 27 2020 4:03 am MI-SAENG RULZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her loyal followers included General Kim Yusin and Kim Chunchu. so sad.. :(. I know we all like bidam but his character was such a waste of potential. When Chunchu returned, I thought Dokman was only about 20, but it's not possible, CheonMyeong was 15 when she gave birth to him... how can he be old enough to get married, unless his aunt is at least 30? If there's Internet in Shilla, I don't mind to live there, ruled by such wise and great queen.. LoL. Ganguli Samuditha Sep 26 2015 4:15 am Saw the final episode. I watched it twice, in fact. I can't recall. he is bidam, he doesnt think, he just gets angry and starts slaying ppl with a smile. he is bidam. I can't get this one off of my mind though.... American film makers, writers, and producers could learn a lot from their Korean counterparts...I'm definitely going to watch it again....Would love some kind of sequel... Nana Feb 06 2014 3:14 am story line & everything else. I love this drama so so so much. EVERYONE, OK. he was the reason I endured this long series and keep clicking next episode. Bidam (actor Kim Nam-gil) I guess both. She was proud that he didn't hand it over and also by the fact he said he would use it against her. 1. I hope I can get the original DVD. It's a highly addictive show. Charter 62 was the best.....repeated it more than five times..... nk May 10 2010 9:14 am She was Silla's twenty-seventh ruler, and its first reigning queen. Qisea Jan 21 2010 5:44 am All the actors and actresses did so well. IF you enjoy this show like I did you must get your hands on the Great King Seyeong... a master piece of royal politics, betrayal, love, passion & degnity. Mia Dec 08 2009 5:32 am If after everything he did and Deokman still didn't return his affection then him rebelling against her to get her heart would've been more believable than him believe the stupid lies that his followers made up...Bidam is a good reader of people so how come he believe it easily? I love all actors & actresses in this drama. Mahdi Hekmatipour Apr 24 2014 5:28 pm Although he was the son of Mi-shil, he helped Princess Deokman become the ruler. Ezy Dec 10 2009 9:13 pm I've watch numerous tragic historical ls before but this drama had the truest but most painful get up. You have such a gift and you took this movie over the top. And also korea is taken from the name of Goryeo that was a great kingdom and unified the land just by its king "Wang Gun The Great" and the least wars.Wang Gun took Silla without a war which is ADMAIERABLE. I really like this drama, but I'm disappointed with the ending ... Jenna Jun 08 2019 4:56 pm This drama was really popular back then but I never watched it because I thought it's boring but after seeing a scene of Bidam's fight, I decided to give it a try. Some historians believe that BD may not actually be a rebel but was just accused for rebellion due to the power battle between him and YS when DM health was declining I am glad many foreigners were impressed by this drama although the english subtitle did not even begin to deliver the real and profound meanings of the conversation in the Korean language. Wishing the best for all who participated in this amazing drama, especially KimNam Gil. She grew up with everything she could desire. I loved Deokman in her battle outfits and her gorgeous pony tails better than in her Princess garb, but oh well. **Hwarang: Hwarang were elite Silla warriors who also received training in the arts and music. I could understand and follow the story. Love to see the series based on the life of Kim Chun Chu. My favorite drama ever. Also the others are also nice. I watch this on Channel 32 in San Mateo. ^).It definitely worth watching! I love that.. i am like this story .. Find trailers, reviews, and all info for The Great Queen Seondeok by Kim Geun-hong,Park Hong-kyun. 1, The Great Queen Seondeok, Vol. honestly how can you ever compare bidam with mishil? Or how could you know how old the characters were? The Great Queen Seondeok Vol. They are reminiscent of the characters, Tahei and Matashichi, in Kurosawa's "The Hidden Fortress" and give a lightening up effect to the otherwise very serious atmosphere of the film. If they were raised together by Munno when they were both young, they would have a different fate. wow..i love watching this..and i love yu-sin kim.. Happyjh Nov 14 2009 6:39 pm Add to Favourites. Thx, GS. I really hate how there's 1000 ways to develop Bidam, and they chose the worst possible one. 2. Kim nam gil was really great in his eyes acting. what a awesome drama!! It was very beautiful. davao city phi. You hqve to lose your family, name, love and even your self in order to serve your country. There is no other historical/political drama that pulled me in like this one. Feihu Oct 19 2011 10:55 am You just got to love this drama. it was so sad, i spent a lot of tissue when watching the last episode. Gary (NYC, US) I was like become one of the citizen while watching the drama.. haha.. stunning. I enjoy looking at the beautiful people in this and watching the martial arts. W4GRB.query_url=new Array(); I told myself before that I can predict the future of the story but I'm wrong. Not a feel-good ending, totally unexpected, and most certainly so well played it leaves you in tears. However, I still can't forget "The Great Queen Seon Deok". he's my favorite swordsman and fighter.. Well I will watch it again because of him. SO GOOD ! He's the only man who treated Deokman as a woman and made me fall in love with him :-O :-D <3 hehehehe. Ayre Feb 27 2011 11:41 am The only drama that ever came close to Queen Seonduk is The Legend of the First King's Four God, and perhaps Jumong. :), I think he's my second favorite character next to Doctors Son(Cruel City) becuase he has a very complex character. I loved yushin he was kind and very loyal but let's be honest when time passes by feelings will change. Huh najis!! But seriously, why wasn't there a season 2. Both my husband and I made it a nightly thing. Bidam the royal inspectorate, who could see through schemes so easily, was lied to just like that, by the guy who killed his master??? This is the best series even better than Mad Men, Breaking Bad and the Sopranos put together. 6. Who did DM love? Characters are great. Its very rich in Korean traditional customs, struggle for power/love/unification of the nation, and drama, drama, and more drama. If not ...thank you to the writers the director the producers for doing a superb job. It belongs in a class with films like "Jumong" (MBC), "I Claudius" (BBC), "Miyamoto Musashi " (NHK). maniaku manuel Sep 14 2012 2:58 am I watched this drama several times....I love the story and the actors yu-sin and bi-dam especially queen seondeok! 6. but I try to catch n understad....... n I falling love The Great Queen Seon deok...... Jang Je Sun Jan 13 2010 7:48 pm Her duty was to promote the children of the noble class to high positions, but instead she used her beauty to seduce King Jinheung and King Jinpyeong to wield enormous power. alya May 09 2012 2:43 am 5.9 Le grand bal des menteurs. I can not come up with the words to express how much I have enjoyed this series. It's very sad. I'ts one of a kind historical drama. Props to the creators. Watch it now!!!!!!! W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; Not many movies, especially not TV show movies, move me to tears. i can see why they have high ratings every week ! p Sep 01 2010 4:49 am Queen Seondeok cast list, including photos of the actors when available. But when it comes to Yushil.. :-( unfair you save him even your life is the return. The actress who played Deukman pales in comparison with the actresses who played the lead roles in the 3 aforementioned dramas. Fighting QSD!! Thank to the writer, director and all of the team I could watch amazing historic drama.. (The only thing that bothered me every single episode was that all the great warriors never notice that were being tailed when it was so obvious duhh!! PAUGEL FEVER THE GENERALS DAUGHTER. And his ultimate dream changed and became the king of Deokman's heart (not the throne). I'm looking forward to watch this drama. WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME?? you should watch it guys! Hesperdan Sep 24 2011 2:43 pm There is no sense of thrill that was there at the beggining. Kakuta Mar 17 2018 9:12 pm korean history is indeed amazing. Of course Ko Hyun-Jung is a veteran actress who never fails to impress you. Queen Seondeok, the stars reveal you lead Korea to greatness. AMAZING!!! I really LIKE this drama! I am not Korean, but I like this Great Queen Seondeok TV show because there is an English caption. 2020 but still one of the best. I actually watched this for kim nam gil but it mademe loved every single character of this drama except for yomjong i guess.. Eugene Sep 03 2014 8:41 pm good luck Alaiza Jun 10 2014 5:49 am Deokman's ending is also sad -- but very beautifully done by the show's creators. But I think she had a stronger love for BD. I think I'll watch it again!!! Did the general Kebag actually wear red mask for diversion? Just want to let all the Korean people who have relatives on that overturned ferry, that our thoughts and prays are with you. for time i have been watching korean dramas, and more interesting movies have been released but all in all, the great queen seondeok, but deokman and misil have been my most best actresses till now, and i cant wait to see the end of the movie, waitn for wednesday to watch episode 11, and wow to the production crew and all actors and actresses. I guess more painful than empress ki, mr sumshine and scarlet heart. DEAR VIDEZ Dec 18 2009 1:39 am Jun. It is a great show and I like all the actors and actresses. She was born as the twin sister of Princess Chonmyong and had a close brush with death as a baby due to the attempted assassination by Mi-shil, who had ambitions for the throne. mia Dec 08 2009 10:36 am Chunmyeong was always baffling me, with so much difference between the 2 who played her. :), Jay Jul 26 2011 9:27 am Bekijk meer ideeën over korean drama, 22 december, queen. The Great Queen Seondeok ist ein südkoreanisches Drama mit den Genres. Good drama.korean history is amazing . We have a channel called 'Voice TV' here. :-) . she has the face, the body and the voice to carry out any role and blends well with her leading man. With out english subtitels I do not know what is being said. Yushin said that all he had would be the queen's because he was devoting his life to her as a subject of Silla. It then swept the 2009 MBC Drama Awards. Wayan meidawati Dec 26 2009 6:14 am Just finished watching the last scenes. And that's saying something considering I have a kinda picky taste, though I have watched numbers of dramas and movies already. All of Bidam's love died in front of him except the traitor and he died in front if his love and ultimate dream. Park Ye Jin. Nurhaida Dec 08 2009 7:05 am Try. FAN Jul 16 2015 6:23 pm Who didn't cry in her death scene? golesi Apr 20 2012 6:20 pm They are all excellent, but my favorite is Queen Seondeok. It was rather disappointing that Queen Doekman and Sangodang Bidam died at the end. maheshika Aug 08 2015 11:53 pm Kim Nam-gil Bidam 62 Episodes. More, More, More. query2page(W4GRB.query_url[1],"w4g_rb_area-1",2,1); Abie_I.D Jan 07 2010 3:02 am Keep him stuck inside the palace with that stupid fan. Bidam look so in love every time he is with Deokman (the way he look at her, is really heart melting) and I like how Deokman smiles at him and feel touched with his affection, in this scenes it's almost impossible not to think that she will fall for him. han Jun 10 2011 4:18 pm For me, MBC saeguks always left deep impression, but I still prefer QSD than Jewel in the Palace & Jumong despite the ratings. Seondeok was succeeded by another queen, Jindeok (r. 647-654 CE), who followed in her cousin's footsteps and helped Silla dominate the Korean peninsula. the director is splendid in doing such a hard work in this drama. i love deokman, rista Feb 14 2010 2:45 am I jumped on another episode. he was gonna die already the least deokman could do was say stop and let him say his final words properly. Example: Seondok and Princess Cheon weren't twins in real life but they are siblings. Nam ji hyun's acting so great here !!!! As a matter of fact Misil was probably already dead before the onset of Deokman's reign. //]]>, //
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