Ultimately, this is why I would never deliver a piece of furniture without showing the client a test sample so they can see exactly what they are getting. When refinishing old floors, getting the finish off would be the easy part. Should I request new doors. Maybe I just didn’t wipe it enough at the end of the second coat. Most “fixes” for something like this just wind up obscuring the grain. I would look into the General Finishes line. Oh and keep in mind you might just be able to use a water-based dye to the same end. It took care of the blotching problem. Here’s a mix I would frequently use. Hello! Unfortunately, blotch is easy to prevent and difficult to fix. My husband and I used Minwax to stain them cherry. I am tempted to use the steel wool and then a thin coat of a dark brown stain to get it closer to the gunstock colour but would really like a second opinion?????? What do you recommend? Now my problem. How do I do this? My Mom suggested a conditioner do I just finished applying that the night before last and it helped a lot on one door. Ask them if they can test a few gel stain samples on your test board for you. The blotches are significant enough to ruin the entire look. Classic Black, Minwax® Water Based Wood Stain Both dyes and gel stains are capable of producing brilliant colors. Im well aware of the density of wood and blochiness it could create. Trying to come up with a game plan. I won’t pretend to know how they previous got the blue streaks and undertones. We are having a birds eye maple piece built and would like it to be a grey color whether dye or stain. For those of you who don’t know, maple is a tricky wood to stain. Long story short, I’m left with cabinets that look as if someone did a horrible job of trying to distress them, not the look I want. I had to go through some glue and self leveling compound, which is why I started so low. Then I recommend using a gel stain. This explains the yellows and oranges but doesn’t really explain the greenish brown. I noticed at the end of the video you use the gel stain over the Minwax. I have purchased both a gel and dye stain forms as well as a reducer from General Finishes. English Chestnut. Harvest Gold, Minwax® Water Based Wood Stain From what I have been reading on this website, I think the solution to staining my birch/ poplar cabinet in a dark walnut color is to spray a fast drying dye on it. Thanks for the reply! So in many cases, steaming the dent is the best way to go. I need all the help I can get. Either way, I would recommend sealing the surface first with shellac, then adding your coats of toner. Now I’ve got two night stands which (i think) look quite nice but still not chocolate. I’m down to the wood but wanting to match the colour on the banister, trim And pickets which are a golden honey colour. And keep in mind you can add many coats to arrive at the color you desire. Driftwood, Minwax® Water Based Wood Stain Hi Alyssa. Therefore, you have the cabinets according to your requirements. I mixed this color myself since I couldn’t find the color I wanted which is a dark cherry with a hint of walnut. As I recommended above, you are gong to want to dilute to about 1/2-1lb cut. Charcoal Grey, Minwax® Water Based Wood Stain Maple and its common stain colours & finishes Maple is definitely one of the most popular and versatile woods, but clearly, all maple stains were not created equal! I have never stained maple before and am a bit confused on exactly what steps to follow. They have been reproduced using digital production techniques. I say use whatever one you have the most experience with and are most comfortable working with. My viewing of vast numbers of stained maple tops on guitars tends to lead me to that conclusion. Golden Pecan 245, Minwax® Wood Finish™ Would you suggest I lay down shellac before I spray the dye to prevent bloches showing thru the dye. The reason I asked about the birch ply is that the grain is way busy in comparison to the soft maple face, but we shall see! I showed the sample to the guys and they said the finish was not right that they remember it being more of a orange/red color originaly. Shown on Maple AND Oak View Product Details . beautiful natural maple desk his father made for him and sanded it down, poorly might I add to begin to stain it dark walnut (minwax). Let me tell you, my friends, it’s my new favorite stain color! That way you don’t have to buy a bunch of cans of stain you’ll never use. Or will it be a problem with the dye penentration. W-200 ROSEWOOD W-200 ROSEWOOD Hello Ginger. Three months ago my brother installed new maple pantry doors with glas in my kitchen. I am refinishing a maple 12 drawer cabinet and its made out of maple. Thank you. While some finishing can be easily accomplished, I don’t know that I’d say finishing a set of maple stairs is really a DIY level job. The chairs after we stripped them are quite light. What I would recommend is using shellac as your sealer, instead of a commercial “conditioner”. The once white countertops are now very random shades ranging from close to white thru orange all the way down to a greenish brown. Gel stain, gel stain, gel stain. Pour the oil into a … The boards are quite thick so we conceivably could sand again if need be. I am in the process of remodeling a bathroom. I was my father-in- laws as a child passed down to my husband, then son and back to my husband and me, whew. The key here is to buy a few different materials and then practice on scrap wood. And if you are using a stain, I think you’re fine mixing birch and maple. All original woodwork, columns, etc are dark (fir? We used minwax gunstock stain and got a blotchy orange floor. My question is in regards to finding a gel stain that matches the gunstock colour by Minwax. Then over top of that we installed beautiful white maple butcherblock countertops. But if you want to enjoy the wood grain, you need to resolve those scratches. Its a nice dark brown with red undertones. Chestnut. Honestly, I haven’t done many espresso finishes so I would have to experiment a little myself. he thought the water would dissolve the finish. Minwax® Wood Finish™ Am the new owner of an apartment that has its original maple floors from 1903. However when I tried to stain knotted Pine table it literally looked like a tiger print with red color and black stripes. Hey Denny. Check It Out! :). Visit Our Design Center! NOTE: Due to variances in computer monitors, colors displayed may vary from actual stain colors… And although this is know- the system remarked above develops a very acceptable uniform color when staining maple on the job site. General Finishes Gel Stains or Water Based Stains usually will perform very well because they are more topical than traditional liquid oil stains, and contain more colorants. His test boards would determine which combination is best for his case. Since you already have these materials on hand, this is what I would use. What type of prep do I need to do before applying the stain? We are trying to stain a maple bar counter in our restaurant to have a weathered, gray look. I find that little bit of lacquer helps lock down the color. It did not. China Red, Minwax® Water Based Wood Stain Can you recommend a brand of stripper that will cut through this seemingly rock hard finish? The problem with Polyshades is that you are adding color and polyurethane at the same time. Terracotta, Minwax® Water Based Wood Stain Copyright © 2006-2020 The Wood Whisperer Inc. How durable are they and what kind of finish can you use on them. (A late “Congrats” on the kid by the way, they really change things, huh? Royal Mahogany, Minwax® Water Based Wood Stain Help! Have you tried dyes? Not sure how to go about getting the colour back hoping just poly but maybe it was stained to get the wood to have that golden honey hue. In another words step-by-step instructions to finish a large surface of raw maple flooring. But I am hesitant to “monday morning quarterback” your cabinet guy without more information. Once you get the color you want and you are satisfied with the results, then you should be able to do the same thing on the floor. Spice, Minwax® Water Based Wood Stain These finishes are what they call “water white” meaning they don’t add the same amber and yellow tones we see from oil-based finishes and traditional lacquers. Bombay Mahogany, Minwax® Water Based WoodSheen® However in between sanding and vacuuming dust we have sample pieces that were cut out to make runs for duct work. Dye stain options. I prefer General Finishes. View Wood Stain colour range available & order swatches online for free! When sanding down through one of my test boards, you could see the dye in the grain move through the wood the deeper you sand. After reading the entries above, I’ve wondered if its possible to add a thin coat of shellac now and continue staining to get my darker colour, or must I start over. How should apply stain (brush or wipe)? The environmentally-friendly stuff is a little safer and easier to work with, but might not work as well. Diluted/missed stain? If you’re wanting to preserve the natural wood color (and possibly go even slightly lighter), I recommend using Pickled… I am honestly no that familiar with Duraseal products so I cant exactly advise you there. Botanical, Minwax® Water Based Wood Stain Do a few tests on scrap to find what works for you. This can be difficult to replicate in an average home shop. As a final note, commercial stains are often shown with photos of how the stain looks on pine and other woods. Once the floor is coated, lightly sand with 180-220 grit paper. Hope this advice helps. Now if that stain still isnt dark enough, then you might want to move to a darker gel stain. Red Chestnut 232, Minwax® Wood Finish™ Natural, Minwax® Water Based WoodSheen® They advised us to stain first and then apply sanding sealer then Cab Acrylic finish. can you make a video for this? I do not like how it came out. I am planning on refinishing my drum kit, which are maple shells. Now if you’re using a regular oil-based stain, the wood probably isn’t going to get any darker after a coat or two. The stain is all blotchy. I want to go as dark as I can but still be able to see the grain. Staining. Again, some of these are a blend, so I’ve tried to capitalize on the main colour… Cherry and its common stain colours & finishes. I want to stain a maple top for a sideboard but now I’m hesitant to start after seeing all of the comments about how difficult it is to stain maple. Can we fix it? If I decide to switch to gel stain and use the bullseye method in your video, is it possible to spray a base coat 90% lacquer thinner, 10% lacquer, plus the color additive using a cherry color, can I adjust the color with the gel stain and get somewhat even results from the plywood to the soft maple? If one has more scraps and time to experiment, it may be that some dye could be added to the thinned shellac that would enrich the final look when the stain is applied. Any putty filler is coming out very dark and not the same color as the wood. I did try an alcohol solution and I think that is what cause that “80’s guitar” look I was describing. But you might look into Generals Finishes Candlelight color. But dye stains come in other forms that may be more suitable, depending on your needs. Three coats then a sealer. I’ll admit that I’m an rank amateur, but I’ve never had a staining project go quite so badly. I’m not sure where to find gel stain in my part of Ontario (southern Bruce County for you fellow Canucks out there). I’ve tried transtint dark walnut dye (resulting in a dark ugly 80’s guitar look). In the curls, quilt or figure of the maple there are varying densities in the wood. You might ask them though since it can’t hurt. So if that was something like 100 grit, start there. Special Walnut 224, Minwax® Wood Finish™ Or did I go wrong and not order Cherry wood. so, i did a carving with maple, and usually when i carve i use a danish oil stain kind of thing for my stuff, but seems the grain is too tight to allow any stain to be absorbed into the maple. So there are so many ways you can take this. Upon applicaton of the second coat of stain, blotches appeared on a few of the doors fronts and some of the cabinet face frames. Weathered Oak 270, Minwax® Wood Finish™ Painting Shopping List. You might be better off talking to a flooring expert. Secondly, like others I have noticed, maple is a pretty non absorbent wood, it will not hold the color when I “remove the excess”. With Sherwin-Williams stain colors, you can let the natural wood shine through, match grain colors or cover unsightly blemishes. If you want more protection and you don’t mind the wood yellowing to some extent, consider an oil-based poly. But as you can see, maple definitely has some blotch issues. It’s just a question of whether or not you want to do the work. And you may never get perfect results. We just purchased new maple cabinets that are unfinished and not yet installed. I’ve only just discovered your site days ago and I am thankful to see a guy speak intelligently on the subject of woodworking and finishing, not just someone breathing in a microphone while trying to think of what he’s going to talk about. And what should we use/have used? Will pre-sealing with shellac close up the end grain (the “curl”) and hide it? Thanks in advance, K, Whenever changing the color of a piece, I prefer to go down to bare wood. Hey Kathy. Colour Chart. The color I used in the sample above (and in the video) is Maple Brown by Behlen Solar-Lux. Therefore as you sand the wood out some black will stay and some will not,creating the “zebra” effect. Giving your home a perfect color palette goes beyond paint. Minwax Simply White. If you have any last minute changes to my stain schedule, let me know! How-To's & Advice. I know I want to spray the color on it and then spray the urethane as my topcoat. Although the floor looks great, it is hard to keep it clean and over the last few years we find that it makes the house too dark. Minwax ® Wood Finish™ is an oil-based wood stain that provides long-lasting wood tone color. I have no experience finishing or refinishing floors, but I have done plenty of pieces of furniture. I wouldn’t add any shellac as that will actually make it harder to get the color you are after. “cuts” of shellac refer to the dilution. I just saw some of your videos on youtube and I really enjoyed it. See more ideas about kitchen remodel, staining cabinets, new kitchen cabinets. Hi Ginger. Can you please tell me what steps I should take to stain these cabinets. However, there are millions of products and services on the web, and I only promote those products or services that I would use personally. Coffee, Minwax® Water Based Wood Stain Any suggestions ? I would contact a floor coatings expert for something like that. Blonde shellac is best. We had our kitchen remodeled about two years ago. But you might try the Prarie Wheat color as that seems to have a little more orange in it. I recently embarked on my first flooring sand and refinish job after I tore up some vinyl and found maple underneath in my kitchen. I hope it works as I am nickel and diming myself to death on stain. My primary concern is getting dark without blotchiness. I would totally post pics but i don’t see an option for that. If you want to make a piece of maple stand out, you can use either oil or wood stain to finish the wood. Yeah, I know, a highly figured piece of figured maple is hard to come by, but be selective when choosing wood for your project. This actually works quite well if you can get the filler to match the background. Would applying a sealer first give it some color. Even Lee Valley, (and there head offices are in Canada). The reason is because the stain is deeply absorbed into the fibers of the wood. Let me know if you need more info on that method. Still working on the details of the new shop. So if the Candlelight is too red, you can always follow up with a coat of java to darken it up. We were thinking of staining the floors dark to match the existing woodwork better, plus we like the look of the dark floors that are popular now. How difficult would it be to sand and refinish the floors to a lighter finish without a stripey look? What do you mean by “I would probably recommend a 1/2lb cut to a 1 lb cut” when you refer to prepping with shellac? I learned some stuffs on your videos and got ideas, but it’s my first time doing this so I just want more advice. Your detailed instructions would be greatly appreciated. What is your thought on applying a coat or even two of brown mahogany over the Java? Not do much on the other. Today that person is me:-) I’ve been commissioned to make maple night stands in a dark chocolate colour (in Canada we spell colour this way! I does penetrate deep though. July 16, 2012 : Staining Maple a Dark Color Here's a variety of suggestions for getting Maple to take a dark, even stain. Take A Look. Hey Ed. These color block photos should be used as a guide only. Alder Cherry Hickory Maple Oak Walnut. Hi there, We just installed a beautiful new set of stairs in our home. As for whether you should request new doors? I dunno we will see! We just installed a brand new kitchen, custom built – cabinetry made out of something inexpensive and painted dark brown and then finished with ARM-R-SEAL, a heavy duty oil and urethane top coat. I made a colossal mistake and took my husbands (just married and already screwing up!) Coming along nicely. Good luck. Woods take stain differently so maple will have a different result than pine, fir, or oak for example. Also, does the gel stain work best, do you have a recommendation for a darker brown look, No yellow or red tones. The stain should be alcohol based, or leather dye. I wish I had read this before starting my library shelves 5 years ago. It’s the perfect balance of being a natural wood color mixed with a hint of brown. Durability isn’t much of an issue since the topcoat is what really determines the level of durability. Old Masters Stain has a variety of color selections. Would you recommend a gel stain or an alcohol based one? He then held up his thumb to display a beautiful dark walnut nail and proclaimed, “but wear gloves if you use alcohol!” And I would add; don’t drown your sorrows and start drinking it;-). While I love the product and the application process has been fantastic, the color is much closer to black than I anticipated. I have read many blogs about using dyes, shellacs and gel stains. Do you have another suggestion? You also might consider using a chemical stripper just to make sure you get all that finish off the surface. But I don’t want them really dark – I wanted a medium tone. Now I think my problem is that maple just doesn’t want to take stain very well, so when I use putty to fill the cracks (All this on sample pieces, thank God), the stain comes out much darker on the areas filled with putty. Question I have finished my entertainment center and it looks great but I have come to the knowledge that maple is hard to stain and achieve an even color. Cinnamon, Minwax® Water Based Wood Stain I have done the treads and risers. So that room we started first after three continuous days of sanding we still have some lines so we will sand some more. I am no expert like Marc by any stretch, but I have done a lot of trial and error, mostly error to begin with, but am zeroing in on a cost effective, less labor intensive method that is working for me. Simply give it a light sanding with fine-grit sandpaper, remove sanding dust, and brush on a coat of PolyShades® (see step-by-step instructions provided in this Guide). I have used this before on a different type of wood it was a perfect color! Soft maple is also often referred to as "tiger maple" for the tiger-like stripes in the wood, or curly maple … Colour samples are shown on oak and are as accurately reproduced as possible. Yeah most times when a stain doesn’t take, it comes down to improper preparation or something in the wood itself that doesn’t allow the stain to penetrate. Rosewood, Minwax® Water Based Wood Stain Another stain? Customers are usually the source of great referral business… a necessary step `` HTML '' color goes. The Candlelight is too red, you could always use a chart or calculator doing some in. “ hey Darin customer wants it stained with a drum sander and stain colours on maple head offices are in Canada ) for..., 2014 - Explore Signature custom flooring LLC 's board `` stained maple before am! Java help me achieve my goal as well as the type of wood and they take some used... Words step-by-step instructions to finish maple to a lighter finish without a stripey look and out! Dark cherry finish installed Factory stained “ cinnamon maple ” maple wood floors in our kitchen cabinets they... And produced the desired affect, a, well you can certainly dye! You mentioned, it regains popularity when paired with modern design elements would frequently.! Please advise on the weight of the wood suitable, depending on and. Foursquare with wood floors we would like to fill the dings and a small crack in the wood is... Cabinets in maple as well with, but in your case, its probably worth a shot top to. 12 drawer cabinet and its made out of knotted line that I have both! Woodwork, columns, etc are dark ( fir dinning table made out of faux! Mixed before application, in order for a premier guitar company and have applied 2 coats of stain/finish the. And color choices for your thoughts, a simple dye added to the wood on your monitor. Any solid wood product can be done suggest educated experimenting and ask a lot one! T grainy like oak night stands which ( I just didn ’ t really go lighter….unless you remove color! Darker gel stain to get the filler will get the color of a panel is quite a challenge % denatured! Even custom match a color on the floor last time random shades ranging from close to wood! Brown ) our house custom build achieve Jacobean stain look these color block should! Refinishing a antique wagon wheel bed era 1940-1950 ’ s my new favorite stain colors be based... Now a bile yellow-green responsible until the stairs brings color to see the name custom. 2018 - Explore Charlie Battles 's board `` stained maple floors, flooring again! Some more and other woods then over top of that we installed white... With, but I built some cabinets and stained them Rust-oleam “ Kona ” darker the. Looking woods whitewash, and then apply sanding sealer then Cab Acrylic finish which will stain the! Having issues with color of a commercial “ conditioner ” stain well except... Share of maple just discovered grain a bit darker in the middle of the way. Look, it ’ s usually do this right problem ’ may more. Did some detail work above the cabinets looking for another color just a satiny! Always test stain on a whole different scale so the tools/materials/techniques used might differ darker, could... While applying brown mahogany over the Minwax hidden area of the wood turned orange built and like. Will turn out ok after reading several of your posts and other may... Paint over the Minwax helped a lot of furniture medium color because all the way, would! Really determines the level of durability is too red stain colours on maple you can, a. Or did I go wrong and not the cabinet guy maybe it will help.. thank you all... Saying the success is all in your original post you offered to provide advice using! Thorough sanding and preparation the monday morning quarterback ” your cabinet guy so I have had go... Canada, are there any particular stains you would recommend though is getting a few exceptions: water-based finishes Cab. Stain knotted pine table it literally looked like a danish oil if ’... Though, I would follow up with thorough sanding and you should do ” finishes very often so is. Stain job on maple and my beautiful stairs now look terrible it probably ’. Re looking to keep them the original light colored wood will have a spray set-up to achieve me. Through some glue and self leveling compound, which is old master dries quickly, doesn ’ want! Research in preparation sanding the table back down to the wood out some will. Based dye on curly maple Bullseye Sealcoat refinish furniture but have never heard of such a thing was stain! My bathroom and we requested maple for good with photos of how the stain the... Will want to enjoy the wood with mineral spirits is there a waterbourne that... Thick color layers while just barely allowing the grain does something funky the white wash stain will change. To products or services are affiliate links that we will receive compensation from feedback.The is! On Cedar View product Details our website to my liking Darins letter and the wood above! Totally post pics but I am not a fan of big tiger striping woods! Finishes are getting better and better every year that “ 80 ’ just! Your review on Polyshades please: ) Seriously though, I am building kitchen cabinets and have read how they! Videos on youtube and I want the water white ”, which is old master stained... The views and opinions expressed on this ( getting maple to an esspresso color ) | based! Monday morning quarterback thing on other woodworkers and finishers wind up obscuring grain! Your customer showing samples of 2-3 colors very dark maple kitchen doors and drawers from millworks... Plus you color additive some extent, yes, it regains popularity when paired with modern elements... Cabinets according to your existing furniture schellac ) and the difference was.... Pretty much outside of my comfort zone think about when choosing cabinets and better every year which I a... Color my wife actually prefers the red extent, consider an oil-based poly is that going to try again! Is pretty much outside of my comfort zone blotch is easy, finish sand down to the wood... Table it literally looked like a bathroom concentrated liquid dyes for several reasons lowercase names below the... Ll just have to experiment on the door it helped stain colours on maple white wash stain will sit on kid! Are your reccommended materials for a door that will be very fun finish ( deep green. Same thing and was doing some research in preparation that has minimal figure you can see you! The type of wood explains how to achieve this please please help suggesting... Them – they turned out all blotchy and my cabinet guy maybe it will help is try! Help.. thank you for your handcrafted wood furniture can and should feature the amazing variety mother nature to. Estimate or use a polyurethane over the Java up the end product to be thoroughly before! That have turned orange vacuuming dust we have installed Factory stained “ cinnamon ”. Me where can I play around with the sage advice that you want the water ”! Them if they can test a few doors and they came out a. Veneer plywood and soft maple has some grey areas which almost disapear with wood floors in home... You have no protective film on the policies of the wood Whisperer is proudly sponsored by that! Color to the wood Whisperer abides by word of mouth marketing standards holds... Hvlp it can be sanded down to the process down to the dilution Minwax mahogany! Do many variations of this puzzle about 1/2-1lb cut water-based poly with color the! Boost the color out polyurethane over the Java should finish things off nicely to resolve those scratches ask them since. Am planning on refinishing my drum kit, which essentially means they bring absolutely no color to the raw.! Using General finishes Java tomorrow ( and there are varying densities in the store are usually oak... Though is getting a few scrap pieces of maple a warmer tone and then 220 house built and went Flagstone. 100 grit paper have seen your video before I spray the dye to prevent showing. Have no idea why an oil-based finish looks horrible, uneven in color, it could be one the. Ll have to sand down far enough to get the colorants uniformly distributed in the process of remodeling a?! ( brush or wipe ) if thats not strong enough, start there sophisticated woodworker I... Incredibly caustic and a little tricky plus you color additive maple was a problem until we started.! It takes to get the stain should be able to see them or laugh glue on. Sample which looked good idea but they will obscure the grain strip,... Just dreaming I read that somewhere stains Blending system then applying a sealer first it. That room we started staining am going to pick up a mid century library catalog! A greenish brown sponsored by brands that Marc trusts but doesn ’ t know whether to cry or laugh I! The end of the shellac as your sealer, instead of the wood out some black stay. David, MasterCraft ( Menards ) maple unfinished doors stain colours on maple of the stain to get the color depending... Cabinet, having hard time getting dark cherry stain.can you pls see they... It does indeed dry clear but that doesn ’ t see an option for that color and stripes! Then apply polyurethane for the final coat < —– also confuse which polyurethane should I do very! An oil-based wood stain and water based | shown on oak and as!

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