Skip to main content. eBay will refund the buyer. Consider the benefits of the eBay Global Shipping Programme. Avoid by all means, especially the Global Shipping program. The Global Shipping Program (GSP) is a Delivery Duties Paid (DDP) shipping program – buyers pay duties and tax during checkout on eBay via GSP. You can opt out of the Global Shipping program at any time, but the eBay instructions are not straightforward – probably because they want to discourage sellers from opting out of the program. When you choose GSP and an eligible item sells abroad, you will ship it to eBay’s US-based Global Shipping Center and the item will be processed and tracked every step until your item reaches the buyer. The Global Shipping Program offers both new and experienced eBay sellers the opportunity to sell to an international market with less hassle and risk. Ebay will remove any bad reviews relating to shipping for GSP items. Shipping everything the same class streamlines the process for eBay, but it isn't the best price for the international … If a Global Shipping Programme item that has been purchased by a buyer and accepted by the UK Shipping Centre is not eligible for the programme or can’t be sent to the buyer, you may keep the buyer’s payment. Your complaint is really that the seller did not chose the optimum shipping method for the item. eBay international standard delivery gives you full control of what you want to charge buyers for shipping (Free, Flat, Calculated) from end to end. I am opting out of this scam! When I returned to ebay, they claimed to not be able to do anything about it and started to pretend not to understand German. Everything shipped within the GSP is sent USPS Priority International Mail. eBay automatically added the Global Shipping Program to all sellers who are willing to ship internationally. Of course, Paypal's * (a sister company) transactions showed nothing from their side and they found no basis for my complaint. A simple $5 purchase becomes $50 … It works well for some items (I've purchased three cell phones handled by the program for a lot less in shipping and customs-related fees than through other shippers) and not for other items (I haven't found it makes sense to purchase other items I'm … The liability for delivery lies with the Global Shipping Program, with sellers only having to prove package was sent and received at the US/UK depot. International sellers can send items to you through regular shipping services, or they may use eBay's Global Shipping Program (GSP) if they’re in the US or UK. Global Shipping Program (GSP) takes the complexity out of shipping internationally. You don’t have to reimburse the Global Shipping Programme fees for this refund. The lowest price for an international package is about $35. With GSP, the buyer always sees the GSP shipping … Select Services Website Ecommerce Specialist Internet Marketing Multi Channel Ecommerce Mobile Apps Software Development Linnworks App Select Budget Over £20,000 £15,000 - £20,000 £10,000 - £15,000 £2,500 - £10,000 You will have to pay 2 shipping costs. Buyers beware before you purchase from US sellers check that they do not use the Global shipping program. The Drawbacks of Using eBay's Global Shipping Program . 561935889111 989eb617-293f-42c3-858e-e29b27150e4d:176e52652ad 19997. One for the seller to ship the item to the shipping company in the US. You cannot say it costs less than half of what the buyer was charged because you are comparing a courier service with a postal service. The Global Shipping Program is actually just a fancy forwarding service. And a second exorbitant cost (min of aboutUS$25) to then ship to you. Ebay review from Leesburg, Florida rated 1.6/5.0 with 4 Comments: SOLD A CAMERA SYSTEM ITEM NUMBER 391351973095 ON EBAY 1/2/2016 USING THE GLOBAL SHIPPING PROGRAM.

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