That's because the Drake toilet has a total of 27… Read More. Add to wish list Remove from wish list. 4 Comments; TOTO G400 Vs Bio Bidet IB-835 – Best Bidet Toilet Combo . At Houzz we want you to shop for TOTO TOTO Drake Two-Piece Elongated Toilet, CST746CSMG#01 with confidence. Toto Drake Toilet is a popular one when it comes to a 2- piece toilet. Summary. This close couple elongated model may be installed with a SoftClose seat or WASHLET. The WASHLET S350e features TOTO's technologically advanced... MSRP: $2,195.00 $1,601.50. WOODBRIDGE T-0019 Cotton White toilet | Modern Design, One Piece, Dual Flush. Browse the widest variety of Toto Toilets Two Piece Drake White and select a new look to your home. Description; Comments (2) Reviews (0) This model is high quality, photo real model that will enhance detail and realism to any of your rendering projects. Conclusion. Toto Drake II is an upgraded version of the original Toto Drake but with lots of similarities. If you would love to examine more, you can go to the details below. TOTO introduces its transitional close-coupled two-piece elongated toilet - the TOTO MS748124CEMFG#01. Durability – a toilet is something that we will use for many years to come. 01. Best Seller in One-Piece Toilets. And it all started with 2 base configurations and expanded to include the other features such as a 10″ rough-in, 16-1/2″ bowl height, and the CeFIONtect bowl surface finishing. I can comfortably have heavy meals for dinner because my TOTO Drake 2-piece toilet makes sure to rid the bowl of any splatter. FREE Shipping. Toggle navigation (0) Bathroom . However, installation difficulty goes up a notch, which can be time consuming and bothersome for the inexperienced. TOTO TCT920CEMFG01/TSN920M01 TOTO TMW454574CEFG01 Drake II Two Piece Toilet Finish: Cotton Elongated bowl Similar Products. $310.01 $ 310. Similarities and Differences Between the Toto Drake and Toto Drake II toilets. Add to Cart. Installation and Packing. Simply, many love and feel excited with the look. TOTO CST744SG#01 Drake 2-Piece Toilet with Elongated Bowl and Sanagloss,1.6 GPF, Glazed Cotton White: ... Is a one-piece toilet better than a two-piece? A. After a lot of research and careful consideration, out went the old AS toilets and in came the Toto Drake. It also has a higher flushing mechanism and has two outlets that make the water to spin faster after flushing. To help you choose the right TOTO Drake toilet, it is good to understand how TOTO addresses your needs with each model. Both toilets are excellent in performance and are very comfortable. It also has a standard rough-in of 12 inches. The TOTO Carlyle II One-Piece Toilet (Washlet) is a streamlined common toilet design that is smaller and easier to clean than similar two-piece standard toilets because the tank is directly connected to the lower bowl. This is the E-Max flushing system. The Toto Drake is a 2-piece toilet. I don't have to worry about bulk waste removal since it does the job perfectly and efficiently. Fresca FTL2133 White Volna 1 28 Gpf One Piece Elongated Toilet TOTO Drake Two Piece Elongated 1 6 GPF Toilet with Insulated Tank Cott TOTO Drake G Max 1 6 GPF Toilet Tank with Right Hand Trip Lever Coloni TOTO Clayton Two Piece Elongated 1 6 GPF Universal Height Toilet Sedon TOTO Connect Kit Carlyle II One Piece Elongated 1 28 GPF Toilet and Wa TOTO Connect Kit UltraMax II One Piece … Both toilets have the same flushing power and efficiency. It has elongated bowl design while its overall look is contemporary and stylish. Locations/Hours Schedule a Design Consultation Login | About | Brands | Main Site; Call us for an appointment today! Additionally, the Toto Eco Drake two-piece toilet boasts of one of the most efficient flushing systems in the market. The TOTO CST744SG#01 Drake is as well affordable. Powerful and durable enough to work within both residential and commercial applications, the new Drake exceeds all expectations. Utilizes TOTO’s GMAX flushing system which features a 3inch wide flush valve, extra-large siphon jet, and a large trapway. And with its super smooth, ion barrier glazing, cleaning is made easy. It has a standard height that’s ADA-compliant. 4.5 out of 5 stars 715. Check Latest Price. TOTO TMS614114CEFRG01 TOTO … What is the dimension and rough-in of TOTO Drake II Toilet? This is, in fact, one of the most notable differences between it and several other models from this manufacturer. The Toto Drake ii toilet is one of the best power flush toilets that you will ever come across. The model has a fully textured, detailed design that allows for close-up renders, and was originally modeled in 3ds Max 2012 and rendered with V-Ray. Height DYNAMAX TORNADO FLUSH® Toilet with 10'' Rough-In, CEFIONTECT®, SoftClose Seat, The Toto Drake II is a 2 piece toilet featuring an elongated bowl with a uniquely thin water tank. The TOTO T20 WASHLET+ Drake II Two-Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF Toilet and WASHLET S350e Bidet Seat is designed to conceal the WASHLET's power cord and water supply hose for a seamless installation. Choosing a toilet from the many toilets available on the market today can be a bit challenging. 88 … Toto MS854114ELG#01 Eco Ultramax ADA One Piece Toilet – Best Overall . With so many amazing features, this product is something that will stand out among other toilets that you are looking for. This one is the 2-piece, ADA compliant toilet that has an elongated bowl and ships without a seat. These two Toto models are among the best-selling toilets and have some exceptional features to offer. Bloomington: 309-663-5566 Champaign: 217-351-1000. So, it needs to be durable and reliable. The two-piece toilet has a dimension of 28.75 x 16.5 x 29.44. This slim tank means that the Drake II consumes less space than most of its elongated siblings that use the bulky tank. TOTO CST744S Drake Two Piece Elongated Toilet Bone. This is another high quality one-piece toilet by TOTO, the TOTO ultramax II one-piece elongated toilet with CEFIONTECT, and it is available in different colors. It is one of the highest pressure flashes among the other top brand toilets. Is it worth to buy? TOTO Drake Two-Piece Toilet 3D model. The TOTO Washlet+ UltraMax II One-Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF Toilet features our industry-leading Tornado flushing system and CeFiONtect ceramic glaze, which creates an extraordinarily smooth, ion-barrier surface to help keep the bowl cleaner with every flush. Commercial grade two-piece model combining transitional design with our quietly powerful G-Max flushing system (see Smartfact below). Overall, the TOTO Drake II Two-Piece Toilet with Elongated Bowl is one of the most powerful and efficient two-piece toilets that are available in the market. 4.2 out of 5 stars 25. $300.88 $ 300. Available in 2 finishes; Floor Mount Two Piece Details Project; $2,451.00 ; MW4423046CEFGA#01; Toto; WASHLET®+ Nexus® Two-Piece Elo... Cotton ; Floor Mount Two Piece Details Project; $500.00 ; MS746124CUMFG#01; Toto; Drake® 1G® Two-Piece EL Dual F... Cotton; Floor Mount Two Piece Details Project; $2,486.00 ; MW4423056CUFG#01; Toto; WASHLET®+ … The only difference is the cyclone flushing system fitted on the Drake II model. How To Pick Your TOTO Drake? It works in a similar way to the G-Max flushing system, but it uses only 1.28 GPF instead of 1.6 GPF. Toto MS604114CEFG#01 UltraMax II. Toto creates advanced toilets that last for years, and that’s one of the reasons why many homeowners prefer Toto over other brands. When you are installing a one-piece toilet, you need to carry one heavier piece rather than two lighter pieces when installing a two-piece toilet. You will never have a problem clearing the waste and other dust in the bowl. TOTO MS746124CSMG#01 Drake Two-Piece Elongated Dual Flush 1.6 and 0.8 GPF DYNAMAX TORNADO FLUSH Toilet with CEFIONTECT and SoftClose Seat, WASHLET+ Ready, Cotton White 4.1 out of 5 stars 23 $310.01 $ 310 . FEATURES SanaGloss G-Max Flushing System Computer Designed, Fully Glazed Trapway Elongated Bowl Chrome Trip Lever … $536.00; MS746124CUMFG.10#01; Toto; Drake® 1G® Two-Piece EL Dual Flush 1.0, 0.8 GPF Unv. TOTO People-Centered Design Smart Fact: The Drake II Two-Piece Toilet features our Tornado Flush Technology, which siphons water with two powerful nozzles, harnessing the power of water and gravity to maximize cleaning and use water more efficiently. If you are new to TOTO toilets, or specifically TOTO Drake, trying to figure out which model to buy can be a frustrating experience. It means that this toilet has a separate bowl and a separate tank. The one-piece and two-piece toilets both offer high-performance. It comes in two separate pieces, namely the tank and bowl. TOTO Drake II Toilet Review (Specs & Guide 2021) ... One or two piece - If you're on a tight budget, we recommend sticking with a two piece model. The E-Max flushing system is fast, quiet, and mighty in operation. The New Drake® Dual Flush Elongated Two-Piece Toilet with High Efficiency Flush (Seat Not Included) with CEFIONTECT is the culmination of enhanced design and functionality. Enjoy our superb selection and work with the helpful experts at Holt Supply . TOTO MW604574CUFG#01 WASHLET+ UltraMax II 1G One-Piece Elongated … Since then, TOTO has been innovating its creations to suit every household's lifestyle and needs. The interior parts are almost identical if these are from the same manufacturer. TOTO Drake Models Creation. Flushing system of the toilet is equipped with TOTO powerful tornedo system and it is efficient as well with 1.28 gallon per flush. You can read real customer reviews for this or any other Toilets and even ask questions and get answers from us or straight from the brand. Key Features: TOTO CST744SG#01 Drake is among the best two piece toilets. The TOTO Drake Two-Piece Elongated 1.6 GPF ADA Compliant Toilet offers a high-profile design and is powerful and durable enough to work within both residential and commercial applications. Which is exactly what the CST454CEFG#01 is. TOTO TMW454574CEFG01 TOTO TMS614114CEFRG01 Carlyle II One Piece Toilet Finish: Cotton Elongated bowl Similar Products. This is because of its high-quality design, excellent finish, and powerful flushing system. 01 TOTO Drake vs. TOTO Ultramax. One Piece Toilet Finish: Cotton - More Finishes Available Elongated bowl Similar Products. TOTO MS746124CSMG#01 Drake Two-Piece Elongated Dual Flush 1.6 and 0.8 GPF DYNAMAX TORNADO FLUSH Toilet with CEFIONTECT and SoftClose Seat, WASHLET+ Ready, Cotton White . The C100 Washlet features a soft rear spray, rear cleanse and front cleanse with the option of an oscillating stream. The main difference between these two models is that the Ultramax is a one-piece toilet while the Drake is a two-piece toilet. I have used it for quite some time, and it has never disappointed me. That's why deciding to get a TOTO product over any other brand in the market is an easy choice. The Toto E-Max is an environmentally friendly unit that releases just 1.28 gallons of water per flush. Toto Drake Toilet is one of the new launches of Toto. After speaking to the plumber, there seemed to be some concerns about the toilets being packed poorly and arriving damaged. Buy on Amazon .
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