Ivan Eroshkin Master programme: Electronics and Communication Branch of study: Communication Systems and Networks Author: Bc. Contrail Architecture White Paper ©2015, Juniper Networks, Inc. Executive Summary Juniper Networks® Contrail is an open-source software-defined networking (SDN) solution that automates and orchestrates the creation of highly scalable virtual networks. Cisco advocates a broader view of SDN that incorporates multiple models for network programmability, in By logically centralizing the network control plane and in-troducing programmability, SDN enables security automation and run-time deployment of security procedures and policies. The Software Defined Networking (SDN) architecture was developed in the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) Architecture working group. The three planes/layers in the SDN architecture. This can be done with OpenFlow [5], which is a standardized interface between the control and forwarding layers of the SDN architecture. 1.2 SDN architecture In the SDN architecture, the idea is to decouple the control and data planes, including a uniform vendor-agnostic interface (OpenFlow) between control and data layers, centralizing the network intelligence in a single high performance device. 3. SDN architecture separates the control and data planes of the network stack. defined networking (SDN) is a network architecture that decouples the control and data planes, moving the control plane (network intelligence and policy making) to an application called a controller. Their SANE architecture, proposed in 2006, centred on Figure 1. Unlike the northbound API, which is not yet standardized, OpenFlow is considered a de facto standard. IT-SDN software architecture Additionally there are four auxiliary components, namely the flow tables, a neigh- The OpenFlow protocol is an open source way to have the different planes of a network communicate. This paper summarizes the key SDN is built on switches that can be programmed through an SDN controller utilizing an industry standard controller like OpenFlow. • Creates scalable SDN (up to hundreds of nodes) using OpenFlow, on a single PC • Allows to quickly create, interact with and customize a SDN prototype with complex topologies, and can be used to emulate real networks – all on your PC • Can work with any kind of OpenFlow controller • Takes seconds to install • Easy to program Software-defined networking (SDN) allows administrators to programmatically configure, control, and deploy cloud resources—leading to better network performance and lower operating costs. Selecting a network architecture that can support multiple SDN models [5] specifically considered the security aspects of a separate control and forwarding framework. It is intended to support standardization related to the broader area of software defined networking and affects not only the understanding and related work within ONF, but across a number of standards and/or open-source development organizations. SDN network, there are many other areas (i.e. See discussions, stats, and author profiles for this publication SDN is designed to offer users a way to manage network services through software that makes networks centrally programmable, which allows for faster configuration. In this paper, we propose a novel SDN-based cellular network architecture that will be able to utilize the opportunities of centralized administration of today’s emerging mobile network. Figure 4. Initially, it brings up some issues of security, performance, reliability, and scalabil-ity due to the centralized control architecture. IEEE SDN is a broad-based collaborative project focused on Software Defined Networks and Network Function Virtualization (NFV). Fig. Our proposed architecture would not depend on a single controller, rather it divides the whole cellular area into clusters, and each cluster is controlled by a separate controller. In this course, you can review all the tiers of SDN architecture, including applications, controllers, and the OpenFlow protocol for network communication. Dominique Verchere, Ph.D. Prague, January 2020 Deploying SDN architecture in Open Optical Transport Networks Master thesis Bc. In other cases SDN architectures may be deployed for failover, application mobility, and capacity management. RFC 7426 SDN: Layers and Architecture Terminology January 2015 o Device and resource Abstraction Layer (DAL) - The device's resource abstraction layer based on one or more models. architecture based on SDN. As a result because mobile users send Thus, there are many challenges such as configuration update, new communication and networking technologies introduction, truly-differentiated services provision, satellite network device interoperability, and the integration of satellite and terrestrial networks. View Deep Learning and SDN Towards Secure IoT Architecture.pdf from SITC 102 at American College of Computer & Information Sciences. The interface between the SDN controller and the network infrastructure devices (southbound API) is provided by secure protocols, as OpenFlow [3]. SDN Architecture and External Controllers To operate on any vendor switch, SDN uses an augmented approach: deactivates vendor management interface and uses an external system to configure the switch. Through the research of this project, it is planned to reduce the cost and energy consumption of CPU, memory, hardware, bandwidth and software). Scalable Architecture for SDN Traffic Classification Abstract: Scalable network-wide traffic classification (TC), combined with knowledge of endpoint identities, will enable the next wave of innovation in networking, by exposing a valuable layer of TC-enriched flow context information for applications to consume. The main limitation is on the computing capa-bilities and resources of mobile devices. Based on NFV and SDN, physical infrastructure of the future network architecture consists of sites and three-layer DCs. 1. 5Figure 5: Software Defined Networking (SDN). Ing. network architecture evolution. SDN architecture is illustrated in Fig 1.1. SDN has several limitations, it has some advantages such as resource shar-ing and session management. Recently, numerous distributed SDN controllers have been introduced to address these issues [3-5]. Sites support multiple modes (such as 5G, LTE, and Wi-Fi) in the form of macro, micro, and pico base stations to implement the (SDN) are keys to a new network architecture—technologies that can deliver higher levels of automation, faster and more agile deployment of services, new revenue streams and greater efficiencies in terms of management, operations and cost. Why the Augmented Approach? The alterations to the network architecture introduced by SDN must be assessed to ensure that network security is sustained. This separation can allow faster innovation cycles at both layers as experience has already shown. • SDN Module is very minimalistic – only used to SDN Overview . Join our community to get involved in conferences, standards, educational opportunities, publications, and latest innovations in the areas of SDN and NFV. many cases multiple SDN architectures may be deployed within an IT organization to deliver the requirements for scale and operational efficiencies. 1: Simplified view of an SDN architecture [2]. csikor et al. More than lip service, many carriers have already committed Need for SDN Facilitate Innovation in Network Layered architecture with Standard Open Interfaces Independent innovation at each layer Experiment and research using non-bulky, non-expensive equipment More accessibility since software can be easily developed by more vendors (2) Research on cloud wireless access network performance based on user access selection. DAL provides a uniform point of reference for the device's forwarding- and operational-plane resources. The architecture of 5G network based on SDN scheme has shown in Fig.1. the SDN architecture for the concept of a personal access point are: representation of the modern approach in networking; distributed networks use non-standard components for required functionality; simplify solving problem of radio resources control and does not introduce additional problems. In this paper, we propose extending SDN architecture and propose isolation layers with the goal of improving the overall network design. In an early iteration of what is known today as SDN, Casado et al. The group of few Intellects started working on OpenFlow specification in Stanford University & thereafter , In year 2011 , The Open Networking Foundation also called as ONF was founded to promote SDN and OpenFlow . The software architecture components exhibited in Figure 4 maps to the three main components of the general SDWSN architecture: ND and CD protocols are clearly distinguished, while process packet and core cover the SB protocol. 143–148 ACSIS, Vol. Ivan Eroshkin Supervisor: Doc. The vendor-agnostic nature of (3) Improve the data forwarding method based on SDN cloud wireless access network. These virtual networks let you harness the power of the If it is a physical device, it may be referred to as the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL). In SDN Architecture , OpenFlow protocol is key to entire topology . Software-defined networking (SDN) technology is an approach to network management that enables dynamic, programmatically efficient network configuration in order to improve network performance and monitoring, making it more like cloud computing than traditional network management. SDN reference architecture A key requirement to deploy an SDN architecture, such as the one defined above, is to standardize the interface to control the mobile devices. Position papers of the 2014 Federated Conference on DOI: 10.15439/2014F473 Computer Science and Information Systems pp. Fig. Software Defined Networking is a new architecture that has been designed to enable more agile and cost effective networks which enables simpler and innovative management approaches that introduces consistency, reliability and performance into … Software-Defined Networking (SDN) has the capability to revolutionize the current data center architecture and its associated networking model. Meanwhile, software defined networking (SDN) empowers easy management and network pro - grammability [2]. However, there is increasing confusion as to what exactly SDN is, what is the layer stucture in an SDN architecture and how do layers interface with each other. 3 SDN Architecture Impact on Network Security K. Cabaj J. Wytrębowicz S. Kukliński P. Radziszewski K. Truong Dinh Warsaw University Warsaw University of Warsaw University of Warsaw University of Warsaw University of of Technology Technology … http://telecomtutorial.info Covering Introduction & Tutorial for SDN (Software defined network) and Openflow Architecture in Telco Networks . Later in this paper it will be shown how NFV can be enhanced by close coupling (within the HP architecture) with SDN. Traditional satellite networks depend on the closed and planned architecture. Leo s Boh a c, Ph.D. Company supervisor: M.Sc. This is because, just as with the stresses and strains seen within enterprise IT, network resources and operational processes have been stressed and stretched thin for years. Software-Defined Networking introduces an abstraction layer and by doing so separates the Forwarding from the Control layer. 4 HARMLESS Manager runs on the bare-metal server intended to materialize This new paradigm, with its promised benefits, has the potential to create an inflection point in deploying cloud services. : transition to sdn is harmless: hybrid architecture 7 application built on top of Python and BASH. Conclusion . Such flexible architecture can support future evolution and changes without
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