Once on the boat, they set off to Lagras, planning on ransoming back Bronte. Sadie then kills both her hostage and Dutch's in a fit of rage, leading to a shootout. Later, Arthur proceeds to interrogate the O'Driscoll that the gang captured in the mountains. Arthur will steal documents relating to him, before fleeing the mansion and meeting up with the rest of the gang. Arthur died circa 36 years old and was affected by tuberculosis. Rains Fall asks Arthur and Charles to come along, and Arthur agrees due to pleading from Charles. Dutch, seeing an opportunity to damage the government, agrees. Mount He also has a scar near his chin, which is visible when his facial hair is around level 2 and 3. Arthur agrees to rob the raiders, and he and Lenny ride to where Lenny's contacts said to go to. Where to Find Red Dead Redemption 2 Arthur Grave Location The grave location for where Arthur Morgan is buried is relatively close to the location of his death. Unlike John, Arthur knows how to swim, and is also a master equestrian. He tells them that they are going to rob an Army train going through Saint Denis, containing payroll and supplies to repair Bacchus Bridge. Dutch breaks in, and puts Simon on gunpoint before Fussar aims his own gun at Dutch. Cornwall refuses, and Dutch shoots him in the chest, killing him. Dutch tells Arthur to go to Caliga Hall to gather more information about the Gray family. John however refused to accept responsibility over the boy and soon left the gang. He did not take part in any crimes outside of Wyatt's quest for vengeance, and is only believed to have killed a few people. Upon reaching the hideout, the trio stealthily take out some of the O'Driscolls, before a shootout eventually ensues. Arthur enters a cabin in the hope of finding Colm but is instead surprised by an O'Driscoll goon. As the gang fell apart, Arthur realized that social issues were more complex than he had ever thought, and that these issues were beyond the gang’s ability to control. He bites the young man's leg and throws him into the water. After setting some bait, the two wait for the bear, who attacks them. It was following this event where Arthur became a wanted man. Doc Holliday is an icon of the American West and his tragic trajectory probably helped shape Arthur's character in Red Dead Redemption 2. By RDR2's end, Arthur is a shell of his formal muscular self, with sunken, red eyes and an emaciated frame. Waves of enemies assault his position, but Arthur prevails and departs. During the rescue attempt, Arthur takes part in the frontal assault along with Trelawny and Javier, while Charles scouts from a distance. Afterwards, John tells Arthur that he is afraid for his family due to Dutch's descent into madness. He insists that he told them nothing, and they bring him back to camp safely. Dutch then grabs her, and kills her, prompting dismay from Arthur. Arthur blows down the tower, killing Fussar and allowing the gang to depart the island at last. After Colm leaves, Arthur cauterizes his wound and makes his escape back to camp, where he takes a few weeks to recover. However, Arthur's preference for a life of crime coupled with the prevalent disapproval of Mary's family, most strongly from her father ultimately caused their relationship to fall apart and the pair separated. Here, in a matter of minutes, he rescues Bill and Javier, knocks out three opponents in succession, and single-handedly defeats the colossal Tommy (reputedly the town's toughest resident) by nearly beating him to death, even after being defenestrated. The four gang members are forced to flee and manage to escape the law. Regardless of his choice, he heads to Lakay immediately after. Arthur Morgan Death Scene | Red Dead Redemption 2 - YouTube During the meeting, Arthur breaks out in a fit of coughing and has to take a break in a tent. They pull him out, then shoot at the giant alligator, scaring it off, before returning to Lagras. If Arthur helps John to escape: Arthur continues on with John and the two head towards the mountains. Additional info Arthur can also take part in various robberies with other gang members, such as robbing a homestead with Sean, robbing a stagecoach with Sean and Mary-Beth, and another stagecoach with Bill and Tilly. Dutch pays her a gold ingot to lead them through the cave, up to a ladder that would bring them up to Aguasdulces. By Jonah Schuhart Oct 18, 2020 They flee to the top of a cliff, and after being surrounded by the army, jump to the safety of the waters below. They then slay several sentries silently with bows, before climbing the back wall with a rope. They then rush back to the top of Cinco Torres and man the cannon as the warship approaches. Arthur eventually learns he lives at a mansion near the river after chasing a street urchin that stole from him, and the trio goes to confront him. Hosea and Abigail will cause a diversion to divert police away from the bank, while the rest of the gang will enter the bank's front doors. Arthur washes up on the shore of Guarma and searches for civilization. Dutch and Arthur rescue them, before fighting their way out of the town back to camp. Arthur's official bio states he was 14 when he met them. They succeed in rescuing Eagle Flies, and then meet up with Dutch's force near the warehouse. Arthur and Dutch find Micah, who informs them of a homestead he found, which appears to have a party going on inside. Copper later passed away and Arthur kept a picture of him. He isn’t above joking or employing sarcasm with his friends. John was inducted into the gang and raised alongside Arthur with the pair growing as close as brothers. After robbing the stagecoach, the gang members are forced to flee to a nearby barn, where they attempt to hide. "Does this trolley go to Tahiti?" After fighting to the warehouse doors, Dutch and Arthur enter, and take the government bonds. Arthur goes to Saint Denis to meet Sadie, but is seized by a violent coughing fit and collapses. After many shots, the warship falls, and they begin planning on making their escape off the island. Although Arthur demonstrates time after time that he fears no man, he does fear for the safety of those he cares about. He comes upon the gang at a campfire, but the reunion is cut short by the arrival of the local military, who arrest them and transport them in shackles to jail. On the way out, they are attacked by the law, but the four gang members succeed in fighting their way to safety. Taking pity on her condition, they bring her back to camp. Arthur manages to take down two deer, and so he and Charles return to camp with enough food to last the gang for the next few days. After he opens up the vault, Javier and Arthur point their guns at him and tell him to surrender his hidden pistol. The two men see a coach coming by, and they follow it at a safe distance before coming upon Shady Belle. He then goes looking for Sean, who was supposed to have been dealing with the baggage car, only for him to have gone. Arthur overcame the size and power of Tommy in the fight at the Valentine Saloon. This sum falls to eighteen percent after John negotiates with him. The four of them swim to the boat, sneak on board, and knock out the guards. He can … Red Dead Redemption 2 Soon after leaving the reservation, Arthur suffers from a second, severe coughing fit and falls into unconsciousness. It is then that Dutch realizes that Sadie is outside, and is fighting for her life. At the river, Arthur tells Dutch to take Javier while he holds the bank. In doing so, they find a young girl named Meredith, who had been captured and tortured by the Brood. After killing off the guards leading them, Hercule Fontaine, the revolutionary leader tells the gang to follow him. In his own terms, Arthur is aware that he is a “bad man” and clearly understands that his behavior is morally wrong. Eventually, Arthur tells John to continue alone while he holds off the Pinkertons, before giving him his hat and belongings. The pair sneaks through the camp, quietly killing the enemies until the alarm is sounded. His death is tragic given his young age and kind heart, something he finally embraces before his death. After releasing Eagle Flies, they blow a hole in the back wall and run to canoes lying along the river. He learns that Sean MacGuire is alive, and they make plans to rescue him. A guard approaches him and is about to beat him up when he attacks. The pair quickly begins looking for ways to find a distraction, which they find in the sugar refinery. Next: Red Dead Redemption 2: Why John Marston Is So Bad At Swimming. The two are forced to kill almost every lawman in the town until at last Micah arrives at a house and knocks on the door, kills the man living there and his wife, and retrieves his prized revolvers from them. The pair taught him how to read, write, hunt, fight, shoot and ride, becoming their first protégé as well as one of the founding members of the Van der Linde gang. Hosea later states that Arthur was "about" 13 when they found him, adding "maybe a little older". Holliday avoided capture, however, and died only a few years later from his tuberculosis, just like Red Dead Redemption 2's Arthur Morgan did. To find out what he’s doing, Mary and Arthur tail him, witnessing him vomit, and then meeting Ashton, who Mr. Gillis sells a brooch to. Arthur quietly pondered what his life could have been like had he and Mary stayed together. Thomas says that he is destitute, prompting Arthur to beat him. The gang attacks the Pinkertons in full force and a shootout ensues. On their way back to Colter, they come across an O'Driscoll that they previously saw being reprimanded by Colm. The offer is turned down and Milton leaves, promising to return with fifty men. After the meeting breaks down, Favours arrests Monroe and announces his plans to execute him. After fighting off some men, Arthur eventually engages a huge, burly man named Tommy, who overpowers Arthur and throws him out the saloon window on to the muddy street outside. Along with Charles and Bill, Arthur accepts the offer. Abigail reluctantly accepts this and thanks them for what they are doing, before Arthur and Sadie sail and dock along the islands shore. In camp, Susan tells Arthur that Tilly has been kidnapped by the Foreman brothers and that they need to go and rescue her. The deaths of John Marston and Arthur Morgan are defining moments in the franchise, and a Red Dead Redemption 3 would presumably continue this trend. Arthur and Micah eventually manage to fight them off from the other side of a river, allowing the two to finally claim the money. John will play the same as Arthur … They then slay several guards on the walls, before attacking the army and fighting their way into the jail. Arthur Morgan Arthur's ending is a bit more complex as there are potentially three endings. Arthur, not wanting to promise anything he couldn't keep, said that he would do right by them. They instead ride off, leaving the gang behind. Arthur accepts, and later sneaks into the refinery using a wagon destined for the storage area. Van der Linde gangWapiti IndiansGray family (temporarily)Braithwaite family (temporarily)Guarma rebels (temporarily) When Arthur gets drunk, he will sing loudly when riding his horse. Bullard is shot and killed by the rival gang, and the balloon crashes. Unfortunately, there is no chance for his survival. Favours then turns towards Arthur to kill him too, but Arthur manages to shoot and kill him first. In mimicking Doc Holliday's grandeur and tragic death, while also finding his own sense of meaning, Arthur Morgan has become an icon in his own right, depicting the potential of personal transcendence in a time of utter despair. Although occasionally susceptible to surprise, when fully healthy he scarcely encounters a physical contest that he cannot overcome or, if necessary, escape. This reflects the more conventional view of the outlaws being evil and the law being good, and also foreshadows Micah's betrayal. Unfortunately for her, Javier announces that Pinkertons are coming, distracting her and allowing Micah to kill her. Due to the gang's hasty escape from Blackwater, food and supplies are in short supply. Arthur aiming with his Cattleman Revolver. Arthur still has unique drawings for, When playing as John in 1907, Arthur's grave is available to visit after the mission ". Players must also take basic care of Arthur, which in turn influences his appearance.
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