["English (Chinese)", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__464__Jota+Armour+Comp+C__Euk%3bZho__CN.pdf"], ["Serbia", [ ["Greek", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__7021__Jota+Armour+Wintergrade+Comp+B__Gre__GR.pdf"], ["Hungary", [ ["Arabic", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__463__Jota+Armour+Std+Comp+B__ar-SA__QA.pdf"], ["New Zealand", [ ["United Kingdom", [ ]], ]], ["Indonesia", [ - Change country/language, Jota Armour Wintergrade Comp B - Safety Data Sheet (English) ]], Durabak Marine Liner Kit - DIY Non-Slip Deck Floor Coating, Aluminum, Wood, Fiberglass Boat Paint, 1 Coat Textured, 1 Coat Smooth, Used by US Navy, one Part, Easy Application. Hempel Non-Slip Deck Coating 750ml - Durable coating for deck areas. ["Sweden", [ ["Romanian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__463__Jota+Armour+Std+Comp+B__ro-RO__RO.pdf"], Substrate: Approved primers, carbon steel and concrete ["Romanian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__7021__Jota+Armour+Wintergrade+Comp+B__ro-RO__RO.pdf"], ["Italy", [ ]], Anti Slip Boat Decking. KiwiGrip offers a beautiful, consistent, grippy surface. ["German", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__463__Jota+Armour+Std+Comp+B__Ger__DE.pdf"], ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__464__Jota+Armour+Comp+C__Euk__QA.pdf"], ["Danish", "%2fTDS%2fTDS__462__Jota+Armour__Dan__DK.pdf"], ["Finnish", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__463__Jota+Armour+Std+Comp+B__Fin__FI.pdf"], ["New Zealand", [ Click & Collect. ]], var google_conversion_id = 1071922788; ["Netherlands", [ KiwiGrip is a revolutionary, durable, non-skid coating that spreads quickly and easily with our proprietary roller, offering a beautiful, high traction surface. A Low Solar Absorbing, high solids, epoxy non-skid deck coating. Non-Slip Coating for Composite Deck. HEMPEL Non-slip Deck Coating à partir de 27,95 € SVB | Spécialistes de l'équipement nautique Semi-glossy, quick-drying top coat from Hempel with fine granules for a non-slip finish. ["Qatar", [ ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__7021__Jota+Armour+Wintergrade+Comp+B__Eng__US.pdf"], ]], ]], Size: 750ml. var sdsCountries3 = [ ["Turkish", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__463__Jota+Armour+Std+Comp+B__tr-TR__TR.pdf"], ["Brazil", [ If you want a non slip decking paint but aren’t interested in a stain or clear coat, Trade Paints Non Slip Timber Decking Paint is for you. Trade Paints Non Slip Paint. ["Finland", [ ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__463__Jota+Armour+Std+Comp+B__Eng__US.pdf"], ]], ]], ["Vietnamese", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__463__Jota+Armour+Std+Comp+B__vi-VN__VN.pdf"], ["Indonesia", [ It provides a rough surface that can be applied to suitably primed and prepared Wood, GRP, Steel and Aluminium. - Change country/language. Restez à l'écoute. ["Indonesian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__7021__Jota+Armour+Wintergrade+Comp+B__id-ID__ID.pdf"], ["Swedish", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__7021__Jota+Armour+Wintergrade+Comp+B__Swe__SE.pdf"], ["Turkish", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__7021__Jota+Armour+Wintergrade+Comp+B__tr-TR__TR.pdf"], In Stock at Store Today (2) Shop In-Store Only: Availability. ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__464__Jota+Armour+Comp+C__Euk__ZA.pdf"], ["Arabic", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__464__Jota+Armour+Comp+C__ar-SA__QA.pdf"], Dura Grip anti-slip floor, decking and staircase paint is an epoxy application specially designed to create an extremely durable non-slip coating on multiple surface types. ["Serbia", [ ["Lithuania", [ ["Saudi Arabia", [ ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__462__Jota+Armour+Comp+A__Eng__US.pdf"], ]], ]], ]], Pour utilisation à l'intérieur et à l'extérieur au-dessus de la ligne de flottaison. var sdsCountries2 = [ ["Swedish", "%2fTDS%2fTDS__462__Jota+Armour__Swe__SE.pdf"], ["Portuguese", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__464__Jota+Armour+Comp+C__Por__BR.pdf"], ]], ]], Subscribe: LESLIE: Gary in North Carolina is facing a slippery slope. Peinture de finition semi-brillante, séchage rapide par Hempel. ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__7021__Jota+Armour+Wintergrade+Comp+B__Euk__ZA.pdf"], ]], ["Russia", [ It covers 100 to 125 square feet with just one coat per gallon. Non-slip coatings are acrylic-based liquids that are applied to decks just like a paint or sealer. Free postage. ["Singapore", [ Developed to meet the requirements of MIL-PRF-24667 Type VII, Compositions G & L. Intershield 9L. ]], ["Romanian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__464__Jota+Armour+Comp+C__ro-RO__RO.pdf"], Convoy II is an economical non-slip floor and deck coating that is based on a single component, durable acrylic polymer. ["Thailand", [ ["United States", [ ]], Volume : 750 ml. ["Greek", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__462__Jota+Armour+Comp+A__Gre__GR.pdf"], ["Slovak Republic", [ TDS & SDS; Brochures; Videos; Application and Surface Preparation; Application Instructions; Certifications ; Military Specifications and Manuals; Technical Articles; News & Blogs; Find Your Rep; Military Grade Marine Non-Skid and Deck Coatings. ["Romania", [ ["Czech Republic", [ ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__463__Jota+Armour+Std+Comp+B__Euk__OM.pdf"], Chemsol Navy G Anti-Skid Safety Coating is designed to increase safety in areas where slip and fall potential exists, in both indoor and outdoor environments. ["Romania", [ Jota Armour provides a coarse surface with non-slip performance in wet, oily and icy conditions. By varying the application technique, the texture can be adjusted from a rolled pleasure boat texture to an industrial aggressive work boat texture. ]], The other way is to apply the first coat of paint and after it becomes tacky “broadcast” the non-skid compound over the paint. ]], Top Sellers; Most Popular; Price Low to High; Price High to Low; Top Rated Products; View Top Sellers in: Get It Fast. ]], Firmtread® Anti Slip Deck Coating is an easy to paint on liquid that will keep you on your feet, not your toes, as well as giving your decking a makeover. GripTide™ Non-Skid Deck Coating Part #M25651 GripTide is a two-component high quality urethane, grip-enhancing, textured coating that provides a durable, protective finish for boat floors, boat decks and other marine surfaces. This clear, water-based urethane sealer was designed for creating an anti-slip coating on vinyl, vinyl composition tile (VCT), interior wood, cork, laminate, linoleum surfaces, and more. Diluant : Thinner 808 (n° 3). ["my-MM;Euk", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__464__Jota+Armour+Comp+C__my-MM%3bEuk__MM.pdf"], ]], ]], ]], ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__7021__Jota+Armour+Wintergrade+Comp+B__Euk__AE.pdf"], ["Russian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__463__Jota+Armour+Std+Comp+B__Rus__RU.pdf"], ["Saudi Arabia", [ This is because it contains a fine mineral additive for a hard wearing, non-slip surface. ["Russia", [ ["Spanish", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__462__Jota+Armour+Comp+A__Esp__ES.pdf"], High-build, elastomeric coating designed to offer slip resistance to wood and concrete stairs, ramps, decks, docks, patios, sidewalks, and more. Previously the surfaces were to slippery especially when wet . ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__7021__Jota+Armour+Wintergrade+Comp+B__Euk__QA.pdf"], ]], Most non slip coatings for timber are opaque or include visible roughening particles, which changes the natural appearance of timber. ]], ["English", "%2fTDS%2fTDS__462__Jota+Armour__Eng__US.pdf"], Résistant à l'usure, aux UV, à l'eau et aux huiles. ["United Arab Emirates", [ The unique formula provides long lasting protection against moisture and the damaging effects of the sun. ]], 50 £32.00 £32.00 ["Saudi Arabia", [ TotalBoat TotalTread Non-Skid Deck Paint, Marine-Grade Anti-Slip Traction Coating for Boats, Wood, Fiberglass, Aluminum, and Metals (Light Gray, Quart) 4.4 out of 5 stars 627 $32.39$32.39 $35.99$35.99 Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 16 ["Lithuania", [ Note : veuillez saisir la quantité avant d'ajouter l'article au panier. ["Myanmar", [ ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__464__Jota+Armour+Comp+C__Euk__OM.pdf"], ]], ]], ["Arabic", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__7021__Jota+Armour+Wintergrade+Comp+B__ar-SA__AE.pdf"], ]], Textured finish excellent for patios, porches, pool decks, walkways and other concrete surfaces; Buy on Amazon. Non Slip Deck paint which is suitable for Concrete, Metal, Wood, Stone and brick floors where light foot traffic will occur. Truth … ["Serbian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__462__Jota+Armour+Comp+A__Lt-sr-SP__RS.pdf"], ["Russian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__7021__Jota+Armour+Wintergrade+Comp+B__Rus__RU.pdf"], High coefficient of friction (COF) Given its unique formula, this deck paint is suitable for outdoor use or for applications in direct sunlight. ]], ]; ["Poland", [ Find a stockist. £25.99 £ 25. ]], ["Malay (English)", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__464__Jota+Armour+Comp+C__Msl%3bEuk__MY.pdf"], ]; ["Australia", [ ["German", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__7021__Jota+Armour+Wintergrade+Comp+B__Ger__BE.pdf"], ]], ]], These paints are available in a limited number of colors—but if you really want color, we suggest you purchase a one-part or a two-part polyurethane and the non-skid compound separately. ]], A tough, slip resistant deck paint that protects the surface from every day wear and tear. ["Norwegian", "%2fTDS%2fTDS__462__Jota+Armour__Nor__NO.pdf"], ["United Kingdom", [ ["Dutch", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__464__Jota+Armour+Comp+C__Dut__NL.pdf"], ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__462__Jota+Armour+Comp+A__Euk__AU.pdf"], ["Spain", [ Afficheur multifonction Element 7S / Sonde CHIRP, Pilote de barre franche Raymarine ST1000 Plus, Transpondeur AIS CAMINO-108S avec splitter et antenne GPS déportée, Radar QUANTUM Q24W / 15 m de câble alimentation et data, Radio marine avec récepteur et splitter DAB intégré. Only 1 left in stock. ]], Top Filters. ["China", [ ["Norwegian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__462__Jota+Armour+Comp+A__Nor__NO.pdf"], ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__7021__Jota+Armour+Wintergrade+Comp+B__Euk__ES.pdf"], ["Arabic", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__7021__Jota+Armour+Wintergrade+Comp+B__ar-SA__OM.pdf"], ["Arabic", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__7021__Jota+Armour+Wintergrade+Comp+B__ar-SA__QA.pdf"], ["Italy", [ ["Oman", [ ["Germany", [ ["German", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__464__Jota+Armour+Comp+C__Ger__BE.pdf"], ["Arabic", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__464__Jota+Armour+Comp+C__ar-SA__OM.pdf"], var google_tag_params = {"ecomm_prodid":[50710,50711,50712,50713,50714],"ecomm_totalvalue":[27.95,27.95,27.95,27.95,27.95],"ecomm_pagetype":"product"}; Highly durable the coating is great for pedestrian or even light/medium wheeled traffic. ["Norwegian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__463__Jota+Armour+Std+Comp+B__Nor__NO.pdf"], Suitable for fiberglass, wood and steel. ["Portugal", [ ["Dutch", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__463__Jota+Armour+Std+Comp+B__Dut__NL.pdf"], ["Spain", [ At Non-Slip Floor Solutions, we cater to painting any slippery surface. ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__7021__Jota+Armour+Wintergrade+Comp+B__Euk__OM.pdf"], ["China (import from Korea)", [ ["Euk;phi-PH", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__463__Jota+Armour+Std+Comp+B__Euk%3bphi-PH__PH.pdf"], ["Sweden", [ ]], If your deck is reaching the end of its life and you’re happy to revitalise it with a lick of paint as one last hurrah before replacing, then it should be fine. ]], ]], Utility of Coating. ["Turkey", [ ["Bulgaria", [ ["Czech Republic", [ ]], ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__462__Jota+Armour+Comp+A__Euk__ES.pdf"], ]], ["Malaysia", [ Thinners: No.3. This grit is made of plastic and is transparent. ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__464__Jota+Armour+Comp+C__Euk__AU.pdf"], Application : brosse, rouleau, pinceau ou pistolet. Product Datasheet . ["Malaysia", [ ["Hungary", [ . Can be used for ribbed, grooved & especially smooth surfaces. ["Philippines", [ ]], ["Thailand", [ ["Spanish", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__7021__Jota+Armour+Wintergrade+Comp+B__Esp__ES.pdf"], ["Portugal", [ It seals out moisture and renews old surfaces while providing extra life and a skid resistant finish that is ideal for pedestrian … ]], ]], ]], ["Belgium", [ #10. Anti-slip Coatings for Commercial Use; Primers and Accessories for Commercial Use; Resources. It’s easy to apply, comes in a range of colours and its low sheen finish helps prevent sunlight from reflecting off decks Find a stockist. ]], ]], ]], Image Credit: Goodshoot/Goodshoot/Getty Images Non-slip surfaces are an essential safety feature for patios, decks and outdoor walkways. ]], ["Japan", [ ["France", [ ["New Zealand", [ [CDATA[ */ ]], ["Brazil", [ ["Taiwan, Province of China", [ It’s resistant to fire, acid, alkali, solvent, grease, oil, salt water, detergent, alcohol, gasoline, hydraulic fluid, and weather. Anticorrosive coating: Area of use: Helidecks, walkways, ramps, weigh bridge decks, drill decks, escape routes, decks in general where abrasion resistance and non-slip properties are required. ]], ]], ["English (Chinese)", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__7021__Jota+Armour+Wintergrade+Comp+B__Euk%3bZho__CN.pdf"], H226, H315, H332, H312, H317, H319, H335, H336, H361, H373, H411, H412, H225, H304. ["English (Chinese)", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__7021__Jota+Armour+Wintergrade+Comp+B__Euk%3bZho__CN+(KR).pdf"], ["Korea, Republic of", [ ["German", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__463__Jota+Armour+Std+Comp+B__Ger__BE.pdf"], Rust-Oleum. ]], ["Hungarian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__464__Jota+Armour+Comp+C__Hon__HU.pdf"], ["Australia", [ ["French", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__464__Jota+Armour+Comp+C__Fre__CA.pdf"], ["United Arab Emirates", [ ]], ["Indonesia", [ ]], ["China", [ ["Romania", [ ["Portuguese", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__462__Jota+Armour+Comp+A__Por__BR.pdf"], ["Germany", [ ["Latvian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__462__Jota+Armour+Comp+A__lv-LV__LV.pdf"], ["Indonesia", [ ["Danish", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__464__Jota+Armour+Comp+C__Dan__DK.pdf"], ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__464__Jota+Armour+Comp+C__Eng__CA.pdf"], Différentes couleurs disponibles. ["French", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__462__Jota+Armour+Comp+A__Fra__BE.pdf"], ]], ["Czech Republic", [ ["South Africa", [ ["Egypt", [ ]], FREE Delivery. Applicable sur fibre de verre, bois et acier. Easy to apply - our 1 part non slip decking paint is ready to use straight from the tin. ]], ["South Africa", [ ["Philippines", [ ["Brazil", [ ]], ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__463__Jota+Armour+Std+Comp+B__Euk__NZ.pdf"], ["German", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__462__Jota+Armour+Comp+A__Ger__AT.pdf"], ["Chinese Traditional (English)", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__463__Jota+Armour+Std+Comp+B__zh-CHT%3bEng__TW.pdf"], £29.99. ["Estonia", [ ["Arabic", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__463__Jota+Armour+Std+Comp+B__ar-SA__EG.pdf"], It can be applied at sub zero surface temperatures. ]], ["Bulgarian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__463__Jota+Armour+Std+Comp+B__Bul__BG.pdf"], ]], ]], ]], The anti-slip paint coating is easy to maintain and can be used on interior or exterior floors, stairs or boat decks. Anticorrosive coating: Area of use: Helidecks, walkways, ramps, weigh bridge decks, drill decks, escape routes, decks in general where abrasion resistance and non-slip properties are required. $19.95 shipping. ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__462__Jota+Armour+Comp+A__Euk__EG.pdf"], ["Romanian", "%2fTDS%2fTDS__462__Jota+Armour__ro-RO__RO.pdf"], A Low Solar Absorbing, high solids epoxy, non-skid deck coating. ["Hungary", [ ]], ]], ["my-MM;Euk", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__462__Jota+Armour+Comp+A__my-MM%3bEuk__MM.pdf"], ["Slovenian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__464__Jota+Armour+Comp+C__sl-SI__SI.pdf"], How does one achieve safe non slip decking? Touch Dry: 2 hour(s) 20°C/68°F, 4 hour(s) 10°C/50°F. Non-slip decking paints and varnishes tend to be prone to cracking, flaking and peeling off over time, whilst anti-slip decking oil and oil-based decking stains do not. Coverage: 11sq.m/litre. - Change country/language, Jota Armour Std Comp B - Safety Data Sheet (English) ]; ["Italy", [ ]], ["France", [ ["English (Thai)", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__463__Jota+Armour+Std+Comp+B__Euk%3bth-TH__TH.pdf"], ]], ["Slovenia", [ It can be applied at sub zero surface temperatures. Unique non-skid slip resistant marine deck paint creates a high-traction surface that's less abrasive and more durable compared to traditional silica additives. ["Viet Nam", [ ["Thailand", [ ]], ["Lithuanian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__7021__Jota+Armour+Wintergrade+Comp+B__Lit__LT.pdf"], Non Slip Deck Paint is a single pack polyurethane paint with an aggregate already mixed in which makes a rough, textured finish that is ready to use of the can (after you have thoroughly stirred the paint) Which can be used for home garden or marine decking. Click & Collect or delivery options are available. ]], They recommend using two coats for optimum results, so a gallon will cover up to 125 square feet. ["Sweden", [ ]], Hempel Non-Slip Deck Coating kan bruges over vandlinien både udvendigt og indvendigt. ]], ["Serbian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__464__Jota+Armour+Comp+C__Lt-sr-SP__RS.pdf"], ]], Visit us today for the widest range of Wood Finishes products. 4.0 out of 5 stars 1. ]], ["Estonia", [ ["Chinese (English)", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__462__Jota+Armour+Comp+A__Zho%3bEuk__CN+(KR).pdf"], ["Spanish", "%2fTDS%2fTDS__462__Jota+Armour__Esp__ES.pdf"], ]], ]], ]], At Non-Slip floor solutions, our primary objective is the SAFETY of the general public. 99 £26.99 £26.99. ["French", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__7021__Jota+Armour+Wintergrade+Comp+B__Fra__BE.pdf"], ["Portuguese", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__462__Jota+Armour+Comp+A__PoP__PT.pdf"], ["Poland", [ ["Korean", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__462__Jota+Armour+Comp+A__Kor__KR.pdf"], ["Finnish", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__7021__Jota+Armour+Wintergrade+Comp+B__Fin__FI.pdf"], ]], ]], ["Slovenia", [ ["Finland", [ ["Slovak", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__463__Jota+Armour+Std+Comp+B__Slo__SK.pdf"], Do bear in mind however, that your new coating is highly likely to peel in the near future – and it can be a real pain to remove once it has been applied! Timber Decking Paint is a hard wearing non slip polyurethane one pack paint designed to seal & colour timber tanalised decking. ["Lithuania", [ ["Estonian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__7021__Jota+Armour+Wintergrade+Comp+B__Est__EE.pdf"], ["China", [